Things that are trendy that we "hate"

joaniepoanieAugust 17, 2013

Here's the opposite take on Roarah's thread of dated things we still like...trendy things we don't like.....for starters...

Espresso furniture---love the look, HATE the dusting every other day! My next house is having all white furniture...I'll never have to dust

I know a lot of folks will disagree with me on these:

Open concept spaces....too noisy. One person is banging around in the kitchen while the other person is trying to watch a movie. My ideal would be 6' doorways with pocket doors like you see in houses from 100 years of both worlds.

Islands...for 29 years I've had a hate/hate relationship with my smallish galley kitchen, but after spending time in kitchens with islands, I am beginning to appreciate my kitchen more. I get frustrated when I am in an island kitchen because it just seems like a big barrier I am constantly having to maneuver around.

I know a lot of people will also say SS appliances...I like both white and SS, but have never been a fan of me they make a kitchen look gloomy.

What say all of you?

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Sparkly light fixtures as "jewelry" in an otherwise non-glamorous kitchen (or bath), way overdone.

Elaborate tile work in kitchens and baths that do not take into account that there will be lots of stuff on the counters adding to the visual (over)stimulation.

Master bathrooms bigger than the family room.

Skimpy, poorly fitting window treatments. No window treatments at all so the windows look like giant black holes at night.

Stacked stone or rustic stone anywhere except on a fireplace and in the right house. There is a stacked stone Living Room in the neighborhood. In a mid-Victorian house.

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I agree with pal on all of those, especially the sparkly light fixtures, crystal chandeliers in any and every room

the "one true kitchen" over on the kitchen forum! Actually, I don't hate that kitchen at all, but just the belief that it's the truly classic kitchen that will NEVER become outdated.

subway tile- I don't like it because it reminds me of grimy subway stations.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I don't like gray or subway tile (I do like 4x4 tiles) or stainless steel appliances. Also do not care for the crystal chandeliers (just dust collectors).

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Thought of another one.....duvets and comforters....too big and bulky, won't fit in washer/dryer(comforter), comforter slides down even with those little hook things or ties-- leaving a wimpy, wrinkly flat top of duvet, too much of a hassle getting comforter in and out, constant shaking to even it out, etc...discovered quilt coverlets and will never go back! I even pine for the bedspreads we grew up with.

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Nested decorative gables and more than, say, a dozen roof lines.

Here is a link that might be useful: House or mountain range?

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Wait, that didn't work. Trying again...

Here is a link that might be useful: House or mountain range?

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Ceiling fans. New fixer has 4 and they all are covered in dust.

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I've got to agree on the open concept spaces. We have a semi-open concept layout now and I'm always daydreaming about a house with pocket doors separating spaces. I'd like to cook in my kitchen without being forced to listen to whatever the kids are watching in the family room.

I hate textured walls. Passionately. I know smooth walls are more expensive and time-consuming to install in new builds, but they're so much less painful for the homeowner.

I'm not a big fan of stainless steel appliances, granite counters, glass tile backsplashes, weird wall treatments, chevron curtains and rugs, and gray paint and furniture everywhere. I feel a little grouchy now, so I'd better head over to the other thread and list all the dated things I love, just for balance.

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Pretending that everything from 1965-1995 is vintage, trendy, and worthy of saving.

Cheap old furniture does not go through a magical alchemy to fantastic just because it is now even older still.

And AMEN to the chandelier epidemic. Especially ultra-modern or ultra-fussy ones which have no relation to most interiors and home styles.

Bossy Signs. You have heard me say this before. I don't care for extra help instructing me how to act, think, feel, or believe.

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I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings; what some people have in their houses is no business of mine. I know it's super trendy right now...but I can't stand "gray" anything...walls, furniture, tile, draperies, etc.

I simply can't wrap my mind around a room with painted gray walls. I'd be suicidal, or more likely homicidal, within a week if I lived in a gray room.

Gray is a great color for caskets, funeral clothes, and battleships. Gray London fog is a look I appreciate, but it was depressing as could be after the first hour or two.

I've been on a couple of battleships, they are powerful and wonderous beasts of battle, but I didn't want to bring the color scheme home. I do have a "charcoal gray" shawl that I love. It's almost black, but not.

This is "just my opinion" of course; and I've seen gray rooms that were interesting and well thought out, I just can't imagine having to be in one for any stretch of time.

"Beige" is a close runner up to "gray" in my not-so-favorite color choices, too. Except for khaki pants; I love beige khaki pants.

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1) Open floor plans. More exactly, the shortage of alternative plans. Why should everyone be forced into living with the same floor plan concept, whether it's a new house or old one?

I like to be able to close my kitchen off. When we're going on a trip, I always want to close off my living room to keep our cats away from the "better" armchairs and sofa.

2) Multiple gables. Visual clutter, not practical at all, and more maintenance pain.

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Ceiling fans are trendy?

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Gosh, I thought ceiling fans were out, but I like them. Maybe not décor-wise unless it's a southern or British Colonial style, but they sure feel good.

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Only a bit off topic, but just as trendy............the use of the phrase "Wow Factor" when describing a room or home decor. We've all become really lazy in using adjectives to describe the appearance of interiors.

I really hate rooms with "themes". For example rooms designed to look like saloons, or tiki huts, or Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid, etc, or audio video rooms that try to look like mini theaters with marquees and drapes.

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Caroline and others who hate gray....yes battleship gray is ugly, but there are a lot of pretty grays and gray pairs well with many other colors and I think it is a nice change from the creams/beiges we've decorated with for years.

Natesgram---ceiling fans are also on the post of outdated things we love...haha!Q

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From the subject line I thought this was a thread to safely list décor trends we don't like. I don't like gray. I went out of my way to say I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't like gray.

My mom loves it; my cousin loves it. I don't go in their houses and scream "I hate grey," but I thought this would be a safe place to list the décor trend that I don't like.

So I did.


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Taking old homes and making them modern open concept. That's my number one super bummer pet peeve.

By the same token, I dislike when people put ultra vintage built-in features like kitchens and baths in new homes. Basically I think the permanent features of a home should match the soul of the home.

A short list of items would include granite, sectional sofas, double sinks in the bathroom (I prefer to get ready alone), bedrooms/bathrooms that together exceed the size of the public space and photos of people everywhere.

Now doesn't that sound grumpy! ;)

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White kitchens are trendy. I hate them.

French country inspired homes with a ton of roof lines are trendy. I dislike them. These types of homes are sometimes built here in ohio and it makes no sense, doesn't fit into the surrounding neighborhoods and homes at all.

Salvaging old furniture and thinking it is attractive because it is old is a trend which I do not care for. I know many on this board shop on Craigslist but most of the stuff on sale there is ugly, old, or a combination thereof.

Kitchen tables crammed into spots way too small and then calling it an open concept.

Quartz counters. Although they are beautiful sometimes, to me, they seem like the 2013 version of Corian. Why spend all that money and not get a real, unique, and durable piece of stone.

Islands. I hate islands. They turn what could be a wonderful open space into essentially a series of walkways, and an obstacle. Never under stood them...mostly when done in U shape kitchens.

Stainless steel. I know it is trendy and classic...but it costs more, looks dirty quick with fingerprints, smudges, and dents. Not my cup of tea.

Most of all, shabby chic. Nuff said.

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I live in a grey climate and I definitely do not want it in my decor or on my walls. Whoever came up with that as a trendy colour does not live in a PNW climate.

I also hate open concept plans - don't get it. They are noisy and cumbersome to plan.

I don't like open shelving in a kitchen. My kitchen is definitely a working kitchen - it is not part of my entertaining living space. You want to hang out in it and I'm good with that but things are not going to be put on display to make it pretty when it will just make more work for me.

I don't like painted furniture. I know it's the thing to do and so many do it on this site - but I like to see the wood of furniture.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Painted furniture. Or at least, old ugly furniture given "new life" with a coat of paint. I have it, I've done it, but my mind has recently hit overload with this trend and shut down.

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Caroline, I felt the same way when I lived in the Midwest. I used saturated colors and just loved them.

I moved to the Gulf Coast in Tx, and had the WORST time with my favorite colors on the wall. They were so harsh! I ended up painting my entry and family/living room gray, much to my surprise because I felt the same as you. It's turned out to be a great foil for my oranges and yellows :) I got my beloved yellow on my bedroom wall, but I had to mix the color myself.

I really think light and climate dictate what will work. Not saying you don't have a point, but I've experienced a turn-around since moving so far south :)

I am, personally, over kitchen islands. They are in the way if they are in the middle of counter runs. I have my cooktop in it, hate it, and in order to actually USE one side of my kitchen I must walk around the darn thing all of the time.
Everybody wants one, even if they don't fit.

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Caroline...I truly apologize if I offended you...I wasn't trying to change yours or anyone's else's mind about sorry.

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Double height rooms. What's the point? I understand adding volume with a vault, but most double height rooms are out of scale and very difficult to decorate and clean.

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I hate bloggers who constantly say that, "White kitchens are the most timeless" and - this week - white bathrooms are always the best. Really, every house, everywhere should have the same color in their kitchens and baths?

I had a white kitchen, which I grew weary of after a number of years. To me what is timeless is the desire for change.

If anyone has any suggestions for decorating/paint color blogs they enjoy, please let me know.

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Those little square glass tiles. I have them in the bathroom I remodeled two years ago and I hate them already.

I thought I was the only "open concept" hater. I can;t cook and talk at the same time and I don't want to see the dirty dishes while we eat. I don't want anyone yelling Shhh when I run the water and the tv is on.

And I hate the term "went missing" which suddenly is heard everywhere. I wish it would get lost.

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Open concept is applicable in certain situations, like when living alone :)

My house isn't huge, and we have one living area that is open, by cut-out, to the dining room and a small bar cut-out and doorway to the kitchen. I can't imagine "opening it up". Those glimpses are enough. What is so darned attractive about all that noise (3 loud little kids) traveling through the house? Give me walls!

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Not "hate" per se but I'm not jumping on the blue/gray walls trend - I see it as the future country duck blue of the 80's.

Also not a fan of how many blogs are so similar - pushing the same trends.

Chalk paint - I succumbed to the AS chalk paint blog love and $140 worth of supplies later was sorely disappointed with the results. FYI - dust sticks to waxed furniture!

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I've never liked the open concept either. My husband still chides me when we watch HGTV and the 'great room' or "open concept' is mentioned. I got mad at our realtor when we were househunting because she kept showing us houses with the open concept.

Also do not like the ubiquitous granite/stainless kitchen. I personally prefer black appliances for MY kitchen. My kitchen was designed specifically to go with the black.

Hate the 'travertine' monster showers. I really hate the double tall ceilings and any ledges-although those were more popular in the early 2000's I guess.

I love wood floors, but I don't like the super shiney finished floors. I love the floors to look more rustic and/or with a satin or oiled finish instead.

Decor wise=also hate those huge sectionals, especially those with the chaise end. Hate chevron design. The subway sign trend, the "Keep Calm" signs, and anything made of pallets.

(My master bedroom is painted a bluish/gray with bright white trim and furnishings. I have orange and yellow as accent colors in there. Reminds me of springtime in Oregon

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"I live in a grey climate and I definitely do not want it in my decor or on my walls. Whoever came up with that as a trendy colour does not live in a PNW climate."

I hear you blfenton! I'm in the PNW too and nine months out of the year, it's near constant gray skies. I think I'd cry a lot if I had to live with it inside too, but I can imagine how restful and cool it would feel in a sunny climate.

I want to add double height rooms and kitchen islands to my list too. Oh! And master bath counters that are higher than normal counter height. Some adults are vertically challenged, like, um, me.

This is fun.

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I hate that magazines are pushing the "beach" look. I live no where near a beach, and come winter when the ground is covered with snow, I don't need more white.

I also hate chevron and Moroccan, whether stencils or fabric.

Don't like SS appliances or glass tile blacksplashes.

Hate MCM; lived thru it as a child; won't go back there.

In general I go out of my way to avoid anything "trendy".

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Double post - again. Sorry!

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Uh...pretty much everything current, lol. SS, granite, glass tiles, ESPECIALLY when run verticle (I do like the larger subway ones in certain situations), a million appliances for everything cluttering the kitchen...and "updating" a vintage home into a modern mess.

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I'm going to get beat up for this one, but ...

Busy backsplashes throughout a kitchen. They give me a migraine.

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Stainless Steel/Granite Kitchens


Espresso Anything Except a Drink

Teardowns to Build McMansions, Lofts, etc.

Designer Dog Breeds


Ugly Wood Furniture, Painted and Overpriced on CL

Formerly Nice Solid Wood Furniture, Painted and Overpriced on CL


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Stucco McPalaces, saffron or ochre, looming next to little white farmhouses. Wealthy East Indians building them here in central NJ.

New McManors in Potomac MD, next to the manors of the 18th and 19th centuries - the new, all ostentation, the old, grace and proportion. The new builders, influence peddlers, which may tick me off more than the style.

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White Cabinets & White trim... most newer homes built in our area are utilizing the white trim look. I personally think it's a cost factor. We had our house built with nasty medium to light brown trim... I just re stained everything including cabinets, doors, trim dark red mahogany. I have yet to walk into any new homes with dark colored trim/doors... it gives the house a warmer feeling. The same builder that built our home now uses only white trim & doors unless the customer specifies otherwise. Don't know if that's the new "thing" or it it's more a cost cutting measure. After all it's cheaper to have someone roll white paint on and call it a day than to have someone give each piece a couple coats of stain then top with varnish. Not to mention the white trim is probably compressed wood & the stained trim is oak. I don't really know... but to me white trim just looks "cheap". I'll probably get scorched for saying that especially from those with white trim... but it's just an opinion. You may love white trim and that's great.

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Open concept houses - who wants to live like a peasant?

I think it's absurd to have seating at an island in the kitchen plus a breakfast nook plus a formal dining room - amazingly sometimes in the same "open space" area. Honestly, no wonder most people in the US are overweight - there's practically no other indoor activity being planned for, except:

Those huge black hole TVs with oversized audio accoutrements that are the centerpieces of people's "living" rooms. Apparently if one isn't sitting in front of a plate of food one is semi-reclined in front of a refrigerator-sized TV.

Tiled backsplashes with textural centerpieces behind the stove or those little horizontal rectangular tiles stacked up in multicolored rows.

Wall ovens on the other side of the kitchen from your main cooking surface.

Soft- close drawers: they are creepy!


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I do not like the following trends:
* Oak returning on anything but floors
* Limed woods
* High gloss lacquer mirrors and animal heads
* No upper cabinets in the kitchen
* Raw wood applied to walls
* Concrete counters

I think some of the things listed are no longer trends. The colors or the way they are used might be, but the materials themselves, no. For example, granite itself on the counters, not trendy, but on the backsplash, was a trend and now considered outdated.

For the record, I have many of the things on people's lists (ha, ha!). I love grey, even battleship grey, but if I still lived in Seattle I would never do it (even the ubiquitous slate flooring), But in California, the quality of light year round gives you more flexibility. If anything, some brighter warm colors can be tiring.

I think we need another thread on "things that are out and we're glad they are out"

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Mirrored furniture. Looks pretty, but what kind of clean freak thought that mess up?

sisal rugs

rugs on top of carpeting
cheaply made furniture that costs more than $50

cheap rugs

those extra-shaggy rugs...?flokati

microfiber everything

shiny drapes

lamps made of resin and painted to look like wood or metal

sheets made of microfiber, bamboo, polyester, or any other slick floppy hot sweaty fabric that is not crispy-crunchy cotton

faux distressing on every @!$# thing

chandeliers everywhere

the word "pop" in the context of decor

CFLs and all of the other weird new lightbulbs

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Wow, this is a tough thread to read, although I will staunchly defend everyone's rights to be honest about their likes/dislikes in threads like this. It does make for interesting reading!

Tough because, by definition, trendy means lots of people will have these things that we "hate", or they wouldn't be trendy. Also a bit tough for me personally, because some of the things I've been dreaming about putting in my kitchen remake are "hated" by folks whose opinions I respect. (Ruh-roh...)

Clearly this calls for another glass of wine. :-) Or two.

And, reminding myself that differing opinions keep the world truly interesting.

I am relieved to see the comment about soft-close drawers being creepy. I agree; I have a bathroom vanity with soft close doors, and a classy toilet seat that lowers itself silently. I find myself banging both in impatience, then chiding myself for possibly breaking something that is supposed to Make My Life Better.

I think I am too much of a control freak, and frankly sometimes I like to bang doors.

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I dislike those basket storage units in livingrooms, formal hallways and anywhere else other than closets or mudrooms. How much stuff do we really need?

I guess I have a dark side for I also dislike the light and bright movement. I never feel grounded in a light airy room.

I hate big @$$ tvs in normal sized rooms. I find it hard to watch if I am sitting within 10ft.

I do not care to live in the kitchen so I do not like it to be the heart of the home. I love to cook in the kitchen but I prefer to do everything else, including eating, in another area.

I really miss formal rooms. I like some casual areas for living but I miss special rooms for special times. Everything now is so casual that it takes the specialness of entertaining away.When I was younger I always felt so grownup and honored when invited into a "living room" or to eat at the adults table in the dining room and could not wait til I was a grown up to get to do it more often but now almost every social gathering is held at the kitchen island infront of the 100ft flatscreen tv with me leaning against some pottery barn basket organizer filled with 1000 sneakers, which although neatly displayed, still stink :).

Rutroo I sound like I am really grumpy and old! Sorry for my rant.

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Mudhouse, I was typing my tirade when you posted. Our "hate" of something should have no bearing on your likes:) Most of us who have posted on this post also admitted to liking and using things considered to be dated in the other thread:). Your taste is perfect for you:)!

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Signs in the house that say "Live, Love,Laugh" or "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". Blech! How about "Breathe" - really? You need a reminder to breathe? I do have a tin sign that I pull out at Christmastime that says, "Believe" but in my defense it was a secret Santa gift from a co-worker. When I said, "Oh cute I will take it out and think of you each Christmas!", she said oh NO it's for your OFFICE so that you believe in yourself, not Santa! I thought that was so sweet, but it still goes in the attic in January. I believe in myself just fine. Ewwww I feel so icky letting this stuff out. I'm sure there's some trend that I love that others hate.

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Tile as a flooring material, who hates their lower body so much they want to walk on an impossibly hard surface day after day? Cook while on such a floor? Every day? And then have to get down on hands and knees and scrub the grout? I'm not that masochistic.

I don't care for any really hard surface, granite will break my dishes and make the kitchen noisier than it already is (thank goodness for walls, who can live without them?), if you slap tile on your walls too, how can your ears not ring incessantly from every tinkle the dinnerware makes?

I like formica, and lino-type floors, carpet in bedrooms is a must for comfort and quiet.

It's very hot and sunny down here in Texas so I can't realistically have yellow on the walls (though would love to) but I can't get into grey either, watery blue is nice as it just looks cool, and when it's 100 outside, anything that looks cool is inviting. That pretty well excludes grey, unless it hasn't rained in forever.

I too lived through mid-century-modern as a child, hated it with a passion then and still do.

Actually, I don't care for anything termed 'modern' and usually not 'contemporary', it's always going to be a take on something else and done worse than the original.

What I hate most though, is there hasn't been a new style of design in what seems like my whole life time (if you forget about the mauve and limed-oak illness of the '80s), everything since is either antique, vintage, m-c-m, modern or contemporary (neither of which means much as far as defining what it looks like except maybe sleek?) and of course OTK, which is fine for some, but I rather keep the rock outside where I don't have to worry about it.

Oh P.S. Shabby anything is still shabby.

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"I think it's absurd to have seating at an island in the kitchen plus a breakfast nook plus a formal dining room - amazingly sometimes in the same "open space" area. Honestly, no wonder most people in the US are overweight - there's practically no other indoor activity being planned for."

Too funny, Liriodendrun! I thoroughly agree - especially when there are two dining tables within spitting distance of each other. Maybe with an extended family, it might make sense, but otherwise?

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Thank you roarah, I hope you didn't think I was being at all critical of the thread (so sorry if I worried you.) I've enjoyed it. I meant what I said about how differing opinions/tastes keep the world from being dull.

Also just posted on the other thread, as well!

Glad to see others say "blech" about those "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" signs too. Oh please.

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I'm not fond of gray, turquoise/aqua/teal, signs with cute sayings, chevron and the other geometrical shapes on everything from fabric to walls, and not every piece of furniture looks good painted. What's up with people painting a dresser but not the drawers? It looks unfinished to me.

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Oh my, what great laughs here :-)

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Lori A. Sawaya

I am neutral when it comes to stuff, things, preferences. Whatever floats your boat stuffwise or otherwise it's fine by me.

However, I must say that gray nurseries tug on my heart a little bit.

I have two boys 18 and 14. Like many new parents we didn't have a lot to spend on decorating when there were so many other necessities. But I insisted each baby had a proper, specially decorated nursery. And I am so glad I did. Even tho while in the moment you know a new baby is a big deal, I'm not sure one fully gets how big until you're looking back, how you only get one shot at so many new baby things.

Every color has positives and negatives and although I know gray nurseries are insanely popular right now, I just think it's a poor color choice for a baby. I can't imagine looking back 18 or 14 years later and thinking, 'gosh that depressing, somber and incredibly sad gray nursery was a really good idea'.

Gray has a time and place and IMO a new baby and nursery isn't it and the sooner this color trend is over the better.

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Can I just say "everything HGTV PUSHES"? Room size showers with all glass doors--who has to clean that? Cement counter tops-they need constant care and they chip. Tile flooring in cold climates. Mom's new house echos from the new tile--ish. Vessel sinks. Poufs!!- What is the point? Open shelving in Kitchens. "spa-like" bathrooms bigger than two bed rooms!! Who wants to spend that much time in a BATHROOM!? I am with you on the small glass tiles, I let DH make one choice in our new bathroom- a band of said tile in the shower. I hate it, it directs all decor options!! I should have stuck to my "all white tile" guns!! No need to beat the SS appliances dead horse. Why anyone wants anything remotely "institutional" in their home I will never understand. Mostly I hate the pressure I hear so many under. Pressure to conform, pressure of being afraid of stating out loud YOUR preferences. I can dislike WHAT EVER I WANT. Everyone else is free to disagree and not understand me, and vise versa!!

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The word "yummy" to describe any inanimate object or aspect of home decor.

grey, beige, greige. Might as well decorate with coffins.

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Gray walls

All-white kitchens

Bland rooms decorated so as not to offend the hypothetical next buyer of the home

Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware style

Self-conscious "matchy-matchiness"

Oil rubbed bronze

Busy granite that is the "star of the kitchen"

Pendants hanging over islands, especially those huge ones that look like lanterns or searchlights

Victorian style fixtures in new McMansions or remodeled tract homes

Framed tile features over ranges

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Shiny brass anything. It's my least favorite metal color ever, and it's apparently making a comeback. Not in my house, it won't.

MCM. Just does. not. appeal. I find it cold and ugly, along with anything ultra-modern. I need soft, I need plush, I need warm. This includes the chevrons trend, the big ugly lights that look like something out of the Jetsons (really, drum shades on ceiling fixtures?), furniture that looks like it came straight out of my grandmother's RV and so on.

I laughed when sas95 listed Pottery Barn (which my husband referred to as Poverty Barn) and Restoration Hardware, because I find a lot of their style to be "warm" and inviting.

I'm kinda over beadboard (and faux-beadboard) everywhere, although I'm still in love with board and batten. I think I just got burnt out on beadboard, though.

Distressed *everything.* I see these women on blogs making over these horrible Craigslist finds and turning them into something beautiful, and then they break out the sanding blocks and I just sigh and close the tab. I like my furniture to look well cared for, not artistically beaten to all hell and back.

"Retro-" inspired textile patterns. I can't find a single duvet cover online that I like. If it looks like it came from the 70s, it's not going to harmonize well with my antique bedroom furniture. And why is there so much white? I have two big dogs! White does not happen in my house, at least not for long!

At least the white slipcover trend is mostly over. I know they are supposed to actually be very functional and cleanable, but who wants to wash an entire rooms worth of slipcovers every week? Especially families with kids? They have enough laundry to do already!

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The pressure to "update" everything and convert it from what it honestly IS, into something that it still--deceptively-- is NOT and never will be.

Also, I would say that most things that are on my hate list (and the things that I agree with on others' lists) are not absolutes. I hate that people feel pressured to use them in rooms that would look so much better with something else because they are the current trend. I think there is an appropriate use and place for almost everything on these hate lists.

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I agree with just about everything above except:
oak- I LOVE old (not vintage, but old) oak. Tiger oak . . .swoon.
ceiling fans- first time I have lived with them and they really are functional, though not gorgeous.
MCM- the higher end pieces are not cold, IMO, but are lovely in simplicity.

I will add recessed lighting to the list of hate. I swore I would never have it, but I finally caved. I do like how functional it is, which is why it is in my LR now. I don't think it is pretty though.

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1929Spanish, there is a great historic home here that we loved that had a small but charming closed-off kitchen. Well, someone who bought the house remodeled it into an open concept kitchen. Totally lost all charm; it looks like a generic magazine now.

OTOH, our 60's house has an eat-in kitchen that is open to the LR original to the house. It was not remodeled.

I don't like:

draperies that puddle

extra large overstuffed-looking furniture like sofas and recliners

Neutral-colored beige/brown walls. Sorry, I am a person who loves color, and I'm not moving anytime soon so I don't care.

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oh my, so many things I agree with and so many things I don't! LOL. I really don't like: Stainless steel appliances, industrial anything, tiny tile backsplashes or floors in kitchen or bath... you think you have trouble cleaning grout in the older styles? I think those bumpy textured ones would be a nightmare to clean, too... how to keep cooking splashes, grease, etc off of those and make them shine again?I could do it, but why would I want to invent so much more work for myself? (cleaning lady for many years and these new little rounded surface tiles make me shudder!) laminate floors, the use of the phrases "pop of color" or "make it pop"..and "open concept" c'mon, there must be many other ways of saying the effect you are trying to achieve using contrast, light, altering traffic pattern, etc!,
"puddled" drapes (the dirt they will collect from the floor! walking on them when you pass by, I could go on!) and those curtains/drapes hung extra high, so the wall above the windows shows through when they are open.
All those huge chandeliers on high ceilings. (who is going to clean those things enough so they don't show every bit of dust, grease, and cobweb?, and how??)
The popularity of ultra empty spaces in rooms and on shelves, ... just looks barren to me. OK, that was cleansing... I feel better! To each his/her own... it is fun to find out what you all dislike as well as what you like.

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-karate-chopped pillows
-open-concept houses
-too many chandeliers
-"curated" collections of things
-pointless window decor that look like scarves hung from decorative pegs.
-enormous bathrooms
-two-level kitchen islands
-stone veneer

And, not decor related, but I agree with Texas that I also dislike sushi :/

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Painting the brick? I don't know if this is a trend anywhere else, but in my neighborhood, a half-dozen brick houses were painted in the last year. Now, there were other painted-brick houses here before, but not in a while. One used to be one of my favorite houses, not any more. But another looks 'way better. So on an individual basis it can be okay, but I hope it's not a trend.

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LOL @ tile dislike! I JUST put in wood look planks in my living room and hallway and I love it and may carry it throughout. I do have a large rug in the LR and all of the furniture got rid of the echo effect.

I wish I could have afforded real wood but putting it over a slab was cost prohibitive and my giant, old dogs slip on it AND the vinyl I experimented with in the dining room. Also, living in a hurricane area drove my decision for a flooring that could take getting wet.

My dislike is wall-to-wall carpet. If I can't roll it up and take it to be cleaned, then I don't want it. Seeing the yuck underneath after tearing it out - blech!
Most people put in laminate here, which I also dislike. It's noisier than tile.

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I don't "get" decorating with French words, phrases, graphics, etc. I'm not French; don't live in France.

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It looks like most everything I dislike has been covered.

Gray, beige, "pops"of color in an otherwise dull room; also primarily white/offwhite houses (i.e., open up any shelter magazine these days, and there's what must be the same house over and over and over); the Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware look, which I think is also the whole HGTV look (is it the same as the whole jeff Lewis look? I dislike that, too); too many clean lines, which is also much the same thing, I think.

Also, espresso furniture and floors; also ochre exteriors; "open concept" -- the term alone makes me cringe; modern graphic patterns on curtains, pillows, rugs; anything that even hints at Shabby Chic or "vintage" -- purposefully distressed and dinged up junque. Also, kitchens and bathrooms a la' Christopher Peacock. Those are just too overwhelming and fussy for me. Industrial-look lighting in kitchens.

I have to say, though, that any one of my pet "hates," when done well, can be stunning. I've seen many examples in magazines -- and here, too, thanks to people's pictures. I also should confess that some of the walls here are in fact a sort of beige. I would like to think that there's enough color in the rooms, e.g., with art, a blue carpet, and so on, that one doesn't really notice the wall color much -- although that's not necessarily the same as saying those rooms are done well!

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HUGE houses cheaply built. Quantity over quality.

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Chairs that look like dark beige pods - have they stopped making attractive, normal looking chairs? I don't want one with arms that span half the width of the chair itself, I don't need something that fits 2 people, I just want one nice, comfortable, reading chair with arms that won't break my arms reaching over to a side table, is that asking too much? Lately it seems so.

I love this thread, I didn't really realize all the things I find distasteful until I started typing about them. lol

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Giant showers. Even if you are newlyweds and want to get frisky in the shower, who needs an 8x10 ft shower with 20 water features?

I just don't get it.

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I forgot to include:

"accessorizing" or "accessories." Ever seen one of those HGTV shows where the designer person is almost finished doing the "space," and all that's left to do is to add in some "accessories," and then the person sticks some weird vase or other pointless, impersonal, store bought items on a table or shelf?

Things should be bought because they speak to you. Which brings me to one of my biggest hates of all - those Pier One commercials with the silly women reacting to accessories, doubtless made in Accessory City, China, that say idiotic things in idiotic voices.

I am so glad I've finally had the chance to rant about that one!

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Book shelves that are "styled" with everything but books.
Or book shelves with books arranged by color--- unless you're one of those people who associate memory with color and remember their book titles that way.

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fun thread!

I don't like:

'Tuscans R Us' decorating (lots of Tuscan mini mansions here--look inside and there's no personality at all, just faux mediterranean/Tuscan "decor")

Trendy color schemes -- what I used to call "attack of the beige people"; now I guess it's "attack of the greige" people. yuck

Brightly colored kitchen and bath tile. Becomes dated immediately -- stick with neutrals!

The use of the word "warm" when describing colors or decor. It's become ridiculous -- you will see descriptions of blue/green rooms called warm. What?

Interior themes or styles that don't match the exterior style of the house.

Note: I do love my open plan kitchen/dining/living/family room--because I live alone! It's small and perfect for me -- would be a nightmare for a family though.

And ceiling fans? Not trendy at all, but rather a necessity in our desert climate.

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First and foremost, I don't "hate" any of these things. I just don't prefer them for my home. But, if I found a home in the right neighborhood at the right price with things that I don't prefer you better believe I would snap it up and make it work. And find the good in it. There are pros and cons to everything.

The only exceptions are wall to wall carpet and not enough price advantage to change it and MDF.

I don't like white trim and doors. While I can see the allure for decorating and price point I think stained wood looks more expensive and interesting. I also don't like white cabinets. If I really wanted to paint any of these things I would use a coordinating color. I recently saw a home show where they painted the trim and cabinets slightly lighter than the wall color. It was beautiful. They did have designs, i.e., not just a plain floor board but a really bold compilation. So, IMO, if I were going to paint it I would make it interesting and certainly not white. Something smooth in color.

I don't like glass tile. Wait, I love it, but I think it is going to date our homes quickly. So, I am not using it.

I don't like chandeliers with lots of dangling pieces anywhere.

For those of you who are still drawn to wall to wall carpet I could not disagree with you more. My new house has wood floors on the main level and I cannot believe how much dust and gravel type of material I sweep up every day. Plus, when I mop the floor I am shocked. I can't imagine how dirty my carpets were when my kids were young.

Also, I see some of you who don't like open concepts. I will never live in another type of home. It brings the family together. Our prior home wasn't an open concept. We are noticing a huge difference in how often we are in the same space having conversations. I will take the noise.

Gold is coming back--if it is shiny or ornate--I am not jumping in.

I like TVs above the fireplace.

I like mixing woods.

I like mixing traditional and contemporary (I like straight lines whether it is modern or traditional).

I like mixing metals.

I like neutrals.

What is starting to become clear to me is that magazines and experts make it seem like there are rules that we have to follow. I don't buy it. Put things in your home that speak to you and that you love and don't worry about trends.

If it is pleasing to your eye then it is perfect. If you put it together and it didn't come out the way you thought then ask for help. I love buying on approval!

All that said I am struggling with putting this house together. My last house spoke to me and I knew what style I wanted. Now I have a lot space and want it to look homey but I am a minimalist.

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"Hate" is really too strong a word to use on home decor or any trends IMO however there are a few things I dislike enough to never use them in my house (or wish I hadn't).

~the color grey (regardless of shade) is right at the top of my list. While I occasionally wear the color I could not live with it on my walls.
~red walls - just as I find grey depressing, I find red way too stimulating on walls. Would have to take some uppers in a grey house and downers in a red one! JK I don't actually take any drugs.
~faux distressing and antiquing that makes furniture look dirty - can't we have *clean* antiques?
~recessed pot lights - have some and almost never use them as there is so much better lighting available.
~the Belgian/RH everything varying shades of greige has been so overdone - is it finally going out? Hope so, I'm so tired of seeing it in pics.
~granite countertops. I should qualify, I don't mind stone but the really busy spotty ones are not attractive IMO.
~large stainless steel appliances
~handscraped hardwood floors that have regular ridges.
~rough stone walls in kitchens and bathrooms - how does one keep them clean?
~MCM or contemporary styles
~huge range hoods over regular size and price stoves. These are appropriate for high end stoves in restaurants or very large kitchens.
~tall stools without arms at kitchen islands or bar type tables - I always feel as if I'm going to fall off.
~black painted kitchen cabinets and black appliances - I actually have these but they should really only be for those who *love* wiping cabinets daily to remove dust. Shoulda known but I was blinded by my love of black. And I know the trend has passed.
~oh, I don't even want to get started on designer dogs! Why would one pay thousands of dollars for a crossbreed!
~decorative accessories that are overused and seen on 90% of the home decor blogs. It's one reason I've quit looking at many blogs. Almost every vignette would have the same appearance and even tho I like many of the individual items when they become so ubiquitous it becomes boring. Some of those things (and I have and even use many of them) are books as risers, urns, lanterns, shells in jars, cloches, a plant. For variety stick the entire mess on a tray! LOL

Recently I've tried to buy only one-of-a-kind handmade items so my house doesn't look like everyone else's.

BTW an island in a well designed kitchen is not 'in the way' and one does not have to walk around it much. However it can divide a large kitchen very well and provide lots of storage space. Love my island.

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I am totally laughing here! I am in the South, so maybe I am different, but to the poster who hates painted white trim...I am the exact opposite of you! I can't stand stained trim,,,it makes me claustrophobic. Stained crown makes the ceiling seem lower. I don't think painted trim is a trend has been a part of historic Southern homes since forever.

I really dislike front load garages...I think garage doors really detract from the facade. I am not a fan of the current trendy "modern" furniture.

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Meaningless floor level changes ... it doesn't add drama, unless you think having the EMTs in when you fall over the step and break your leg is drama. It's just one more obstacle course.

"Pops" of color.

The idea that a kitchen must look like no one uses it, with countertops as clean as a high-level executive's desk.

Insisting on parlor level decor in utility spaces ... for example, refusing to have a needed laundry style sink because "it's ugly".

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laura mcleod

This is a great thread, I love to see what other people notice and what makes them crazy (it makes me feel less crazy)

My peeves are -

When every single thing in a house is new - and there is no patina or age anywhere. I feel like every house needs a little bit of worn goodness to be interesting. Laughed out loud at lynxe's Accessory City, China comment - that is hilarious, and I could not agree more.

Stone countertops and a "coordinated backsplash" that is another type of stone or overly patterned in an attempt to "pull the room together" in designer speak.

And when the kitchen is just overly designed in general and does not match the rest of the house.

Orchestrated pops of color.

Big houses on clearcut land that are supposed to be "grand"

Unflattering overhead lighting. I know it's not trendy but I really hate it and it prob. makes me sound vain, but I stand by it ;)

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I purposely put "hate" in quotations meaning not to take the term literally but just to emphasize the subject matter.

Yes....faux Tuscan all the Housewives' gaudy houses.

This post got me thinking grandmother bought a row home in NE Philly in 1939. In the 50's my aunt and her family bought the house but Nana continued to live with them until her death in 1978. My aunt and uncle retired and moved to a retirement apartment house in 60 years in the same house and very little changed. DR furniture, the hutch in the kitchen and kitchen table, oriental rugs, bedroom furniture and and end tables, lamps, etc...they may have changed the fabric on chair seats and drapes(always a winter and summer set for each room!) but that's about it. The one upstairs bath was never remodeled(yellow and black tile) and neither was the small run of painted white cabinets freshened up as needed..and fridge and stove standing alone. Even knick knacks didn't change...a Hummel collection in the same curio cabinet in the same place, a grandfather clock at the foot of the stairs, etc...

I know this was mostly the result of the held onto and valued things. Also, I think things were better made back then generally speaking. And people didn't have the $ to redo and replace.

Makes me long for the permanence of things and a reminder not to just buy any old "stuff" to fill a room.

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At my age, I can now appreciate the benefits of owning a recliner, however, I hate the overstuffed recliners that look as though they were designed by the same people that created the "Michelin Man". They look like they could swallow you whole. The cup holders, refrigerators and other accessories available to keep you happy and 'in the chair' will be the death of us. Even worse are the recliners that now come in team colors and with team logos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recliner with built in Refrigerator

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Another pet peeve.....400 decorative pillows on a bed!

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Huge houses. In watching several TV shows over the past few years, I have noted that so many people say a house is too small when it is 2400 to 2800 square feet of living space. Why in the world is that considered too small?

Huge bathrooms. Clear glass shower enclosures - they offer no privacy at all. Used very little hours of the day and a waste of expensive square footage.

Huge kitchens. What is the point of wasting so much expensive square footage which is used for cooking. Now, I am a long time lover of cooking, but gee whiz, I don't need a huge kitchen to do that important task.

Wall mounted TVs.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'm pretty sure those were never trendy, Beverly27!
Or, maybe I don't hang with the right crowd.

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2 sinks in the bathroom. No one is welcome to join me, not even the dog who cries at the door.
The word, "amazing" and the expression "I am not a fan of." I know they are HGTV words and they are probably prompted to use them, but it's enough already.

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Walnutcreek, re:"Huge houses. In watching several TV shows over the past few years, I have noted that so many people say a house is too small when it is 2400 to 2800 square feet of living space. Why in the world is that considered too small?"

I have wondered about this myself. I am in shock when a couple says they have downsized to a small home of 2000 sq ft, which is what I think our home is (+ the basement), but we are a family of 7. I don't feel cramped here . . .

BTW, someone mentioned pocket doors. I loved pocket doors until this house. Pretty much every door here is a pocket door. BUT, they have a lot of problems . . .come off the track often and don't lock. It is sort of tough when I want to keep the baby in/out of a room with me. My niece was trying to lock the bathroom door and I told her, "This is a house where trust is key" (no pun intended) since it won't lock. Sigh. Someday, we will get them all fixed . . .

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Gosh, what *hasn't* been mentioned! And I thought there was something wrong with me because I preferred *rooms* to an open concept, dislike gray, except if it's in a printed fabric, wall mounted TVs, faux Tuscan painted walls, splotchy painted, banged up furniture sold as shabby chic, 24' or taller ceilings, *over* accessorizing with Hobby Lobby type stuff, Ikea or Pottery Barn rooms, and at the top of the list is ANYTHING resin! ;o)

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Great thread. I probably have and love half the things listed and dislike the other things. But one thing I'll never understand as "hating" are ceiling fans. Why would they even be considered trendy? I don't know of one person, includig myself, who installed a ceiling fan to make a room look nice.

I came in from the high humidity this afternoon and turned on the fan asap. It's as important as an a/c, heater, microwave, stove, get my drift. :)

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It's not that I hate the new trends, it's just that by time I get around to buying, I'm already sick of the new trend! Chevron, signage, granite, stainless steel, and the phrase"a pop of color." It's the constant exposure to it that I get so tired of.

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It's not that I hate the new trends, it's just that by time I get around to buying, I'm already sick of the new trend! Chevron, signage, granite, stainless steel, and the phrase"a pop of color." It's the constant exposure to it that I get so tired of.

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Something else that bugs me is the overuse of the word juxtaposition as well as implementing the idea in decorating. A rough cabin-like interior and the use of crystal chandeliers........ I don't get it. The concept is too mind boggling for me.

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Interesting. This room is full of "trendy" yet I like it because I think the person got the proportions/colors/patterns/etc. to work well. Just an ad on my local CL.

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patty_cakes - I'm with you on the word juxtaposition. You can use it to make anything in a room "go" and make a statement. (another phrase I get tired of hearing - making a statement)

i.e. The juxtaposition of the white cabinets against the white counters creates calmness in the room. OR The juxtaposition of the white cabinets against the dark counters creates tension in the room. HUH?

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Bumble, lots of people must be buying that type of recliner because they are everywhere! Hard to find one that doesn't look like that.

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Finally someone identifies one of my pet peeves! Resin anything! Thank you, Pattycakes! Also not trendy, but another pet peeve: LOL over Beverly27's "Michelin Man" recliners! I dislike all overly stuffed, distorted/bloated furniture. Sad also when good antique furniture is painted, even if the end result is pretty, but I know that's subjective. And I cringe to say it, as it seems popular, but I have always disliked wainscoting in more than one color - outlining panels, etc. as it seems circusy. Really dislike kitchen cabinets with empty space above (unless cathedral ceiling). And not a trend, but also dislike to see lots of tchotchkes on tables/surfaces unless behind glass doors. Then, anything goes!! Oh! Hate 'theme' rooms, including 'princess' nurseries, Disney anything (love that nursery just posted with the gorgeous painted design and tree, so not what I'm taking about) or other gender-bias girly/boyish themes/decor that define or limit how little ones see themselves. Rant over!

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I'll keep it short

Open concept who wants to hear the noise from every space?

SS, slipcovers, painted furniture and my biggest one is accessories including pillows everywhere.

I think that the people on House Hunters must get paid everytime they mention, granite, ss, hardwood floors, and double bathroom sinks.

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Mean-spirited threads in a social media format that don't acknowledge that decor and personal taste are individual.

Sorry, folks, but I've been following this thread and am appalled. And to those of you who would respond that I simply shouldn't engage, from this point forward, I'll take your advice. Really.

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Peony, this thread is acknowledging exactly that, we are individuals with differing taste and are strong enough to voice our likes or dislikes rather than blindly follow the herds of trend setters. I have and still like many of the items disliked in this thread and I am secure enough not to feel hurt or ashamed because some others do not have or like my preferences. I actually may like my choices more for they are now unique.

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I find this thread therapeutic. It's good to know that I'm not alone in my dislike of open floor plans or boring neutrals.

I like MCM but I understand that not everyone likes it. No problem with that. What is good is that I can voice my decor dislikes without getting into an argument.

The main problem with trends is that once a trend comes along, most of alternative options get pushed out of the market.

The open floor concept can work wonderfully for some people. However, there's a strange perception that an open floor plan is a must-have. As a result, there are very few other choices in the market, although personal needs vary greatly. Some of us are extroverts who love having a crowd over, and some others are introverts who need seclusion and quiet.

Ugly recliners are another example. As others rightfully pointed out, people buy them because there are not many choices available. We have one and it's my favorite reading chair. I hid it in a corner in our guest bedroom. I couldn't stand seeing that hulk in the living room, but still loved the comfort.

After being bombarded with the marketing media online, on TV and in the press, it feels so good to say out loud that you don't care for this or that.

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I don't see this as a mean spirited thread at all. I made the honest comment above that some of this thread was a little tough for me, because I get a bit worried when I learn that some folks don't like planned changes I'm looking forward to (ok, I'm human, lol.)

The longer this thread goes the more freeing it is, for me. It demonstrates that it's just fine for each of us to like whatever we want, because only one thing is certain; nobody is ever going to agree 100% on everything.

What a sad boring world this would be, if that was true.

And what a boring forum this would be, as well. I love seeing how different we all are, in different parts of the country, with different budgets, different family styles, and different needs.

I'm still buying gray paint. (Don't worry, I will make it lovely, just wait and see!) :-)

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Also, any thread that makes me laugh out loud (some of the posts and comments are really funny) is much appreciated.

Joaniepoanie, I also long for the permanence of things. I think many of us do, as evidenced by the popularity of the other thread (dated things we love.)

Very cool both of these threads have been going at the same time.

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I don't actually hate anything so I will use the words........
I'm not going to buy these particular things.

A throw casually draped over a chair arm. This I see in every home I go to.
A tear-drop chandy in a kitchen.
Huge huge houses with every room to perfection looking like its for display only.
Thats about it.................
what I love love love to see.....
a dog (s) and or cat (s) draped on anything and ever where because THAT is a home regardless of what is in it!

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I don 't think anyone is intentionally trying to cause hurt feelings, just being honest as to the things we don't particularly care for. I find none of the things mentioned offensive, but there are better 'substitutes' for the things I do not like. If we all painted our walls gray, no other colors would be necessary~what a headache for the paint industry. Likewise, the recliner~it probably *is* one of the most comfy of chairs, just not too attractive. As for the open concept with soaring ceilings, heat rises, and I freeze in the wintertime in such a home. The painted, beaten up furniture could cause a splinter or two, and resin, well, since when isn't ceramic good enough?

Mean spirited means being mean with the intent to cause hurt feelings. This topic has come up so many times that I'm sure we're all on our toes much more. I find this thread to be innocent and an interesting discussion of things we simply don't care for, and maybe hate is a little too strong of a word. ;o)

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Lori A. Sawaya

Mean-spirited threads in a social media format that don't acknowledge that decor and personal taste are individual.

I'm confused. Because it seems to me that this thread is nothing but a platform for people to express their individuality and personal taste. And I got the intention behind putting the word hate in quotes albeit double-handed air quotes are more effective in person.

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I have been following this thread and enjoying all the different opinions. As I am finishing my kitchen reno I see I have choosen many of your dislikes. Open concept, although i too "hate" that phrase. I'm going to call my new space a gathering room, and we hope it will be more conductive for entertaining family and friends. Of course I have an island, granite, SS. After living with boring, builder grade finishes for the last 21 years we were ready for some bright and shiny. I did add some beautiful oak floors to compliment my oak doors and woodwork, and my cabinets are dark cherry. Please don't hate my choices too much, I was planning on coming back in the future for some decorating advice to tie it all together ; )

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There are too many things on people's "hate" list that either don't bother me, or that I like, for me to conclude that taste is anything but individual.

The other thread about "trendy" indicates that there is something regional and demographic going on as well, because things are showing up on both lists as trendy or not trendy.

This isn't really getting into a discussion of what is in good or bad taste, because there will always be trendy things in both good taste and bad, and dated things in both bad taste and good.

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Peony, I see this thread as fun, not "mean-spirited." And my point was exactly the one you raise. I have no objection to anyone putting in a white kitchen or bathroom and have or had both of those things. What I "hate" are bloggers who claim that those are always the best choices. And are constantly trying to sell you their services to tell you that. Really, always the best choice, for everyone, everywhere? I think that there should be room for individual taste, geographic differences, age and type of house differences, lighting, etc.

As always, take what you like from this thread and leave the rest. But don't distort what people are saying here.

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This thread is funny to me also - mainly because there are so many posters I have never seen on the board before and some that rarely post! I do see Peony's point though because it seems like when we have one of these threads, SOMEONE will be insulted because an item(s) they have is on someone's hate list.

I agree, it's all about personal choice, likes and dislikes.


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I also think that to some degree the "hate" comes from the amount of control that trends have over our choices.

If you want something that is not trending at a particular time, you have a really difficult time finding it. Or if you want something that has not been influenced by trends you may have trouble avoiding trend-influenced versions of it.

I may not want a potato peeler in Pantone's color of the year or a choice of throw pillow that is either IKEA influenced or some kind of "global fusion" design, but unless I want to search endlessly for it, or pay a lot for it, or even get someone to make it custom, that may be all I can get.

You used to be able to get ordinary dull basics that hadn't been overly-designed at the affordable end of the market. Now, that market is the most trend-driven of all, except perhaps, the market at the very opposite end of the spectrum (which is usually a different set of trends).

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We are just remodeling a house top to bottom, and I have always had very little decorating sense. But here's what I hate : feeling like I MUST go with the current "popular" trends or my home will be unloveable. I have had to back myself up several times and say to myself do you really like and want XYZ or are you choosing because that's what everyone else does. This has been most obvious in the kitchen. Our budget is small and it is all diy. My choices would all fall in a "things we hate about kitchens" thread, and so far I love it ha ha.

I really hate granite, and I hate the push to "use only natural stone" in the kitchen. Why? Solid surface products are in some instances much more Eco friendly, less maintenance, and durable for a klutz like me lol. But because its "plastic" it's not worthy of consideration by the kitchen powers that be.

And lastly I hate that everyone references "houz" as the best place for ideas. The homes in houz are beautiful, but my gut says those houses are way out of line with the average American home. They are almost all high end builds and remodels. It only gives someone like me with a limited budget a serious case of the wants. I would love my house to look high end, but reality says I must keep within budget, and I don't find a lot of budget ideas on house.

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I find it interesting that people are 'hating' open concept layouts, because all the new homes are being built that way, and in the home buying world, most people seem to want that.

I think the open concept thing is a step in the right direction, but it can be taken too far. It's a reaction to the "great room" fiasco of the last couple of decades, which in turn was a reaction to the chopped up "formal" spaces of the past.

But it's a truism that when entertaining, or when the family gathers, they do it in the kitchen. When i entertain my family, that's certainly where they end up. So I'm pleased as punch to trade my cramped little awkward kitchen for something more expansive where everyone can see each other and communicate. I'm a casual person, and certainly have no use for a formal parlour or dining room, which would only be wasted space for my lifestyle.

Done right, with enough flexibility and "away spaces" in the house for the number of people living there, open space concepts feel practical and modern. To me.

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What I truly "hate" are houses built with shaky drywall walls and ceilings, flimsy doors, overall bad sound insulation. I live in one of them, and it's NOISY --- in contrast to my student flat or many European houses where you can close the door and actually don't hear the person, or their music, in the next room.

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This has been fun to read through. Although I have lots of your "hates" in my home, they work for me. This thread is useful for looking more critically at design trends I am drawn to. It's also nice to see others who "hate" the trends I could never understand.

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"I find it interesting that people are 'hating' open concept layouts, because all the new homes are being built that way, and in the home buying world, most people seem to want that."

My feeling, not based on any analysis, is that it's the builders who want open concept -- It's much cheaper to build and hence more profitable to sell an X,000 sq ft house filled with big spaces and relatively few rooms than a house with the same amount of square footage and all those pesky walls, moldings, doors, and so on.

Oh, right -- I forgot about vessel sinks. I dislike the look a lot.

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ChrissyB, I agree with you about Houzz to a point. Almost everything is custom. When I ask a designer where to buy something the answer is almost always custom. Then when I try to find something similar in the stores I have a hard time. That said, you can use Houzz to figure out what you are drawn to. What colors, patterns, shapes, layouts, etc.

Go with what you are drawn to and what works for your budget and you will probably never regret it.

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I "hate" the whole "trendy/dated" concept, they're words that people have attached personal meaning to (good or bad) and the use of them is subjective to the individual and confusing.

"Dated" becomes frowned upon for it's not current look or for being unpopular, or praised for it's non conforming to the present and not following the crowd.

"Trendy" becomes frowned upon for being trite and unoriginal, or praised for being current and popular.

How do we know something is "trendy" or "dated"? What criteria does something have to meet before it's considered "trendy"? Seen in 10 design magazines? 30 design blogs?, 100 pics on Houzz? Does it have to be in both Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogs to count, or just one of the two?

What about "dated" criteria? When something is labeled "dated" by a few famous designers? When something is labeled "dated" by 40 design blogs? When something is 2 months past being considered "trendy"? 2 or more years past from being "trendy"?

Who makes the decision on what is "trendy" or "dated"? Designers? Companies? Average Joe?

This post was edited by roobear on Mon, Aug 19, 13 at 11:10

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I think "trendy" or "dated" are determined to a large degree by context.. Design media also talks about trends a lot, too. But a lot of very good, very respected designers do the same look for most of their careers and it is not trend-based at all.

There are things that are discussed as trendy or dated or must have or must get rid ofs in Gardenweb, that I have not seen anywhere else (Except maybe as "Hottest Trends" in a design magazine. And then, there is usually a lag time of 6 months to a year depending on the magazine). Remember that by the time it gets published in a magazine, the trend-driven have already had it a year, too.

But, for example, the idea of changing door knobs because the finish is "dated" is something that never occurred to me before I started reading Gardenweb, or maybe HGTV, and I don't think that a lot of interior designers of the sort that get published in the established magazines change their doorknobs either. I am not saying you shouldn't do it. but while it's a strong part of the GW culture, I don't really think it has much relevence outside blog land. There is an awful lot of decor-related things that are argued rather contentiously in GW that don't have a lot of significance in the design world at large--certainly not at the level to bicker about or be insulted over.

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Lady GaGa. Oh, sorry. I guess this is a decorating forum...

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I find it hard to believe that people don't understand that some people are offended when others go off about how they hate x, y, and z when the listener has x, y, and z in their house. Really? It's funny when two people talk about how trend x is soooooo stupid when you just installed trend x in your very thought out, costly remodel? I belong to fashion forums and these kinds of threads never end well. (like harem pants - I see them and think why??????? .... but I would never start a thread about how people who wear harem pants looks like complete idiots). Just saying.

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I agree with Lady GaGa, is the world over her yet. Hey sorry if anyone here likes her. But she is overly decorated.

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harem pants are wonderful . . . for belly dancing!

as for those who are offended . . . not everyone likes the same thing, nor should they. It's what makes life interesting!

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Thanks to all who defended this was never my intention to be mean-sprited at all. I have a lot of things mentioned here that people "hate" in my own home---granite, SS, gray walls---as Im sure most of us do. I am not taking it personally if 20 people say they hate gray walls. In the end, I think we all decorate our houses with colors and items we like...whether they are tried and true or something new (trendy).

There ARE trends (gray walls!) and there ARE dated things (avocado green or harvest gold appliances). No judgment---it just is. We look to design magazines, blogs, websites to see what's new and for fresh ideas. And most of us do follow the pack with "trends"....when was the last time you saw a pink or purple living room? How many people had mauve walls, wallpaper borders, country ducks and hearts in the 80's?

Trends come and go----some we love, some we "hate" and are glad they are gone. This was just intended to be a FUN, not serious, discussion of the trends we don't like, nothing more...similar to Roarah's opposite thread. I apologize if anyone felt their decor choices were under personal attack.

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I've so enjoyed this thread! As far as hurting feelings, I don't understand why anyone would be insulted or even care one whit what a group of strangers on the internet likes or doesn't. I really appreciate the "good eyes", design sense and professional input on this site, which is why I read it and may ask for help, but I would never worry if people like or dislike my choices.

If I post something, I would expect it wouldn't be to everyone's taste, just like the opinions expressed here show that we can disagree about what we like or "hate." If I save up for a long time to get something I really wanted and loved, reading here that others "hate" it would have no affect on my enjoyment of my choice.

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At some point around post 60, this thread (and its companion) started to include just about every trend or element (some listed did not qualify as trends). At that point, the ability of anyone to offend anyone with their choices greatly diminished. Because the threads became so comprehensive, their ability to offend diminished. At some point, it became clear we were talking about individual preferences and quirks.

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"but I would never start a thread about how people who wear harem pants looks like complete idiots). Just saying."

but I would certainly start or respond to a thread about how I, personally, dislike the look of harem pants. Just saying.

And just saying, that that's what this thread is all about. The whole point is what posters themselves don't like. I don't have the time to reread the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure nobody has made anything even close to an accusation that people who like vessel sinks are idiots.

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I hope I didn't offend anyone with my "hates".

That said, I agree with Joanie and Violet- it wasn't meant to be mean-spirited. This forum wouldn't be so interesting if everyone had to be super careful about stating their dislikes. It doesn't have to be done in a mean or mocking way, and usually isn't!

There are things here that others hate that I own. I wasn't hurt by that. But I guess we all see and feel things differently, so once again I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

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I am new to this forum and was just reading it for what it was. Individuals expressing personal dislikes, and the other thread their likes, not anyone bashing anyone else's decorating style. At the end of the day we have to live with what makes us comfortable. Now, because I am not particularly trendy or fashionable, I have to go research some upcoming trends to see if there is anything that I must have.

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Gosh I wish I would have gotten in on this early since it'll take me days to catch up, but here goes my list of trendy things I "hate"...

Painted and distressed wood furniture. I'm more than tired of seeing photos with the caption something like this: "From old and worn out to new and awesome!" When in reality the original "before" looked old, but rarely like it had been sitting out in the elements neglected for decades as they do in most "after" pictures.

Painting kitchen cabinets that are in perfectly good condition. Most often stated reasons are to lighten the kitchen, they are oak and everyone hates oak and lastly, it's too "orangey". It'd be easier to add more lighting or change wall colors to camouflage the "orange" look.

Pallets made into just about anything. Though I love to recycle and reuse things, it's getting a little old when so many are just using junk to make more junk.

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I will add my two cents and then go back to using the internet to look into other people's houses while munching on Tex Mex Trail Mix from Walmart. It may very well be ten cents by the time I get to the end of my list (or my trail mix).

Since there seems to be an aversion to the word "hate", the following is a list of things I am tired of seeing when using the internet to look into other people's houses. Many of these have already been mentioned:

The terms "pop of color", "wow factor", "reclaimed" and "bling"

Open concept floor plans

Design by numbers - Vintage bathroom = pedestal sink, built in medicine cabinet, clawfoot tub, beadboard walls, marbles surfaces and hex tile floor.

Televisions in every room (or almost every room, including the bathroom)

"Over-stoned" kitchens and bathrooms

Stainless steel and granite

Social kitchens - enormous islands, ornate chandeliers, dishes as decoration on open shelving, etc. all occupying a space as large as a NYC apartment

Formal chandeliers in non-formal spaces (the laundry room? Really?)

Water closets - Stay out of the bathroom when I'm in there

EAT signs in the kitchen - what, pray tell, is on the wall in the bathroom?

Multifunction toilets - I don't want my toilet plugged in or up

Barely blue, bright white or seafoam green bathroom walls


Double sinks in the bathroom - Didn't I say to stay out of the bathroom when I'm in there?

Enormous car wash showers - Not necessary since I'm the only one in there

Bathtubs in front of large windows - I'm just not that sexy

Residential spaces designed to look like commercial spaces - restaurant kitchens, spa bathrooms, hotel suite bedrooms, etc.

Rooms decorated with little to no regard for the rest of the house

Kitchen cabinets that require ladders to access the contents

Stacks of books used solely for decor

Any and all poufs

Anything ikat

Garden stools used in living spaces (especially white, turquoise, yellow and polished silver)

Naming rooms to try to give purpose to a useless room in a completely oversized house - The Super Room, The Gardenview Room, The Keeping Room, etc.

Designing your home by committee - What table should I get for this space? Okay, I have the table, now what lamp should I put on it?

Decorating addiction - I see this more on blogs. Decorating spaces for the purpose of having something to post. Sometimes, to the extent of buying a new house after completely decorating the old one.

The use of Pinterest or Houzz to perpetuate already overdone decorating concepts

I'm sure whenever I post pictures of my home, there will be many things that won't resonate with many people and you are more than welcome to say so.

I eat Tex Mex Trail Mix. I can take it.

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Did anyone mention "farm house sinks". I grew up with those and disliked them and mother disliked them also. I had grey on my walls in the 60's. Liked it then and would like it again. I have never liked blue depressing. My DIL loves blue walls. I also think your location, climate, and area are important in your likes and trends in decorating. We, in the colder winter climates like wall-to-wall carpeting in our warmer climates, not so much. etc, and etc,

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Nosoccermom, I moved from a 1959 house to one built in the late 20s. The one built in the 50s was FAR more sound proof than this one. We hear everything here! I think it is because of the vents . . .we can hear each other through them and even see through some of them (between floors). It's going to come in really handy when the kids are teenagers, haha!

Anyway, you know what bothers me MOST about trends? It is the fact that some people think they are the only option (and have to rush to "fit in" with someone else's blog), or, as mentioned before, that they are overused so eventually automatically boring. Once upon a time, I loved Chevron, even though it's from an oil company.

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Sapphire.....too funny! Especially....."EAT signs in the kitchen - what, pray tell, is on the wall in the bathroom?"

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Lori A. Sawaya

I may not want a potato peeler in Pantone's color of the year

Omigosh, truly laughed out loud. What's sad is I really think this exists! bwahahaha.

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After reading this thread, I wonder if it is why my post asking for help on my living room got almost no response.

Yes, this thread is comprehensive enough that just about every one has something in their house that is on someone's "hate" list, but it seems like my house has something on each individual's list.
E.g. our house is:
MCM and
Open concept - though with two separated open areas.
and has:
Two bathrooms with double sinks (but each has a door between the sink area and the toilet/bath area). What is so bad about two people being able to brush their teeth at the same time without getting in each others way?
Stainless steel appliances and natural stone (quartzite) in the kitchen,
Kitchen island - with an open concept kitchen, we wouldn't have much work surface and storage area without an island or peninsula. Working in the L plus island kitchen is like working in a galley kitchen.
Counter stools, kitchen table and dining room table - though the counter is mainly used for one of our grandkids having a snack or playing while we are working in the kitchen. Tables are good for things besides eating like playing board games doing a craft so it is convenient to have two.

I find it odd that so many of the things listed aren't trends. Even in our area which had an MCM tract builder, there aren't that many MCM houses - perhaps less than 10% and new MCM builds have been rare for decades so I don't see how that can be "trendy."

Anele, you can get locks for pocket doors. Well made ones don't come off the track - our house has about 6 that are almost 40 years old. Over the years, one needed repair - other that, we have never had one come off the track or give us any other trouble.

This post was edited by cloud_swift on Mon, Aug 19, 13 at 15:45

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i find it so interesting how people get offended on these types of threads by others' opinions... i don't understand why some would visit such a 'place' if differing opinions bothered them. i really don't get it--as i really don't get threads begun to solicit opinions and then the op (or someone else) is offended/insulted at the opinions received- just don't get it!
i would much more 'hate' having others give me what they 'thought i wanted to hear' thinking they were being polite.....

i don't like white slipcovers on furniture... really don't like 'slipcovered' dining chairs.
i generally don't like different colored cabinets in a kitchen (ie: uppers white, lowers stained, etc)
really hated my black cooktop.
i hate caring for tiled shower floors.
i hate trying to trim my dogs nails(she hates me trimming them!) so she doesn't too quickly destroy our refinished wood floors!!
duvets and covers
i don't get the CL trend... tho i think it's great to recycle and reuse!!
i love marble but i hate how it stains and etches.
i hate small bathrooms and kitchens with limited storage/work space.
i hate how hot trex gets...

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Again I think it is contextual. There is nothing the matter with most trends if they are in a good context.

A double sink in large bathroom with a 6-foot vanity, yes. Two sinks shoehorned onto a 4-foot vanity where neither person will be comfortable, just because everyone else is doing it, not so much.

Mid-century modern in a clearly midcentury modern house--that's an architectural period. It's history, it is it's own context. Faux MCM along the lines of some of the things at West Elm that are made so, simply because it's inexpensive, potentially a little annoying.

Open plans in a house well-designed to be so, sure. Blowing out all the walls in a cape cod leaving only the stairs in the middle, may not work so well.

I agree with the pocket doors. The problem is installation and good hardware. Of course if it's poor installation then it means taking the wall down and doing it over.

I looked at your thread Cloud_swift and part of it may be that people are not sure what to do with MCM because it has such a strong identity, but I didn't make any suggestions because I had a hard time figuring out what the questions were and where you were willing to take the room. Also I think August tends to be slow for certain types of threads.

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Busybee, you reminded me of how much I hate smooth cooktops. I have a black one, too, and can hardly stand to use it. It's extremely hard to clean, and it has one cooking temperature: HIGH. I coddle and baby it, and it still tries to burn everything I put on or near it. Sigh!

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  • Wall Words - Extremely ubiquitous in my region.

  • Completely beige "neutral" rooms, especially kitchens - Still very trendy in my region.

  • Poorly executed stacked stone veneer where you can see the badly unfinished veneer edges. - I love stacked stone when it's done well. When it's not, it rubs me the wrong way.

  • HGTV shows that "update" a home that already has a beautiful actual architectural style with some random trend that does not fit with the home. - Watched "Brother vs Brother" the other day and it was like a train wreck from which I could not look away.

  • Painting beautiful wood kitchen/bathroom cabinets or furniture. - There are cabinets that really do look better painted. But this is not the universal way to "update" something.

  • Painting brick. - I know this can be executed properly, but the only cases I've seen in person have looked horrible.

  • Vinyl fences

  • Bullnose / rounded drywall corners

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Cloud, we have locks on the doors. They don't work! The doors are about 80 yrs old. I need to buy kits for each door to fix them, but not a priority now.

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Woah, a lot of the things on, for example, busybee's "hate" list are in my house or on my like list, or on both, but that doesn't mean that I feel insulted at all.

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Ok, got to the END!!! Whew.....

I hate the phrase "high end"......especiallly when describing one's own things. I suppose I am a little TOO southern!

Disposable furnishings not worth recovering really get to me. I despise furniture shopping now, and I grew up furniture shopping with my DM.


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I really dislike the word "trendy" and I despise using the word hate to describe a feeling toward material things almost as much as toward people. What a silly thread to find insult and hurt feelings. I think discussions of this nature are a sick trend ;)

and ditto busybee "i don't get the CL trend... tho i think it's great to recycle and reuse!!" I am fascinated at this trend!

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Did I see designer dogs mentioned? People buy dogs to match their décor? Really?

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sassafras, this discussion is not "sick." No one is insulting or hurting feelings by saying they do or don't like grey paint. The paint doesn't care. If you don't want to discuss trends in décor, internet forums where people say what they do or don't like in home décor is not going to be a good place for you to spend your time...

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hi mom270,

um, the painter of grey might care LOL!! Thanks for the kindergarten lesson. I am pretty sure I am allowed to reply my likes and dislikes regarding decor or discussions of it - just like you. Hope you feel better giving me the what for! I am entertained no end by this section of GW and will continue to participate when I feel like it... :)

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Saying things like "Discussions of this nature are a sick trend, smiley face" seems pretty kindergarten to me. And saying that expressing your opinions on home décor "finds insult and hurts feeling" doesn't seem emotionally mature to me either.
Have a swell day finding fault with threads, though!

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Thanks! Between us, maybe we can put this one away at last ;)

FYI - the smiley is/was a wink not a smile.

Oh, and tag!

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Tag - see you do act like you are in grade school so I guess the kindergarten lesson was right on!

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Yes, but I am not a bully, more like the class clown !!

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I have one I have one and I don't think I saw this mentioned- I don't get the newer kitchen sets with the very high table and tall chairs.. I am sure there is a word for it which escapes me. I just don't understand it. I don't find it appealing at all.

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Sheila, in a restaurant, those are called hightops and they started out as seating in the bar area. They are convenient to servers because there is no bending to serve at the table, and some restaurants like them because they take up slightly less room than a table of the same size. Why? because you sit on a stool, which is slightly smaller and your legs hang down slightly and take up a bit less room than with your feet flat on the floor, And in a restaurant, 12 tables instead of 10 can make a big difference.

For home use they are an outgrowth of counter height seating at an island. It's kind of like having island seating but more flexible and smaller than an island so it may satisfy some people who don't have an island with seating.

I don't find them particularly practical or useful in kitchens, but I have used them in gamerooms. In the kitchen I prefer to sit with my feet on the floor.

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Those tables are way cool if they are using the old time spinning bar stool with leather seat and shiny silver ridge trim for the seating. Or like an old Irish Pub with dented wood and rings on the well used table. They are called Pub Tables, or Bar Tables and they are awesome, but yeah like Sheila and palimpsest said...not in the kitchen.

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Loved your post made me laugh the whole time.

I,m with you, NO One is in the bathroom when I'm in there.

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Pal, I added some information on my thread to try to make it clear what my questions were and where I'm willing to go with the room. Perhaps you and others could take a look at it again.

Yes some MCM stuff is inexpensively built (or even cheap). That was part of the original MCM trend - at least Eichler and Streng build some MCM houses where they were trying to create the most house for the money. My son and DIL just bought a 1300 sq ft Streng that is at that end of MCM. It is pretty livable for the size.

I understand the point about some trends becoming hateful just because they are so overdone.

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This thread has been great laughter therapy, thank you so much! Of course I have to chime in with a few Decor Items That Missed:

Vintage suitcases piled artfully under, the lady of the house stashed them there when hubby came home early, just as she was running off with tbe pool boy? "No dahling, of course I'm not taking a trip--suitcases in the living room are all the rage right now!"

Those starburst mirror things...never understood those. Don't want to.

Pretend antique clocks--or paintings thereof--that don't tell time. Why?

Catalogues or decor magazines that stick a dog in an obviously contrived photo set to make the design seem "cozy"--usually with the opposite effect because the animal is in a rigor mortis "down stay".

White ANYTHING; sheets, towels, kitchen cupboards, trim. They know this is real life, don't they?

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