I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours Sat Nov 17

casey_nfldNovember 17, 2012

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Pelicans on the move


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My granddog Gabi is visiting! Son and his wife came up from Kentucky yesterday. They stayed at a motel last nite, and we kept the pup, she slept all night. She weighs about 8 pounds and she is fast.!

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Our new $20 bills were just released this week. Our paper money is being replaced with a plastic/polymer material. It lasts much longer and is harder to counterfeit.

The problems are that they don't stay folded as paper money does, and if you have some in your pocket, because they are so slippery they easily ride up and fall out. The 100 and 50 bills have been out for a while. Just the 5's and 10's to replace and then we're done.

The strip is clear with halogram images imbedded.

We've had $1 and $2 coins for years now.

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Today is my "baby brothers" birthday. He is now 51.

Here he is, in one of the latest pictures I have.

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A pair of White Pelicans.


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Key West

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