While you're chowing tomorrow, think of the less fortunate

CynicNovember 21, 2012

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I always think of those who are away or those who have no family to be with.

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Thanksgiving always makes me feel a little guilty.

While it's nice to have a special day to remember all we have to be thankful for, I sometimes feel uncomfortable at all the food we consume in the name of a single day when so many others wouldn't get this much in a week.

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Gospel Rescue Mission's "Housing Facility for Abused Women" is my charity of choice this year and I have been using coupons and taking advantage of sales for several months now. It's a great way to contribute, it's so greatly appreciated and by using the coupons and sales, it is affordable for us (retired and on a fixed income). I don't think I could enjoy my own Thanksgiving dinner if I had not helped to provide for those who cannot provide one for themselves.Sorry, I didn't mean to "preach". Happy Thanksgiving!

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Also, remember many need fed beyond the holidays.


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Every year we give money to the LA Mission to feed the needy at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hubs and I are both state employees, and each year the state puts on a big food drive for the holidays, and we also give generously to that.

After all, "there but for the grace of God go I..."

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There has been many times in the past we have had either neighbors, service personal, friends in and it has been a blessing everytime.
Here in Minot, our Air Base always sponsers a big dinner at the base for anyone who has no place to go, and bring in a couple of busloads, the people at the base prepare and serve and eat with others. Really lots of fun--so I have heard.

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I'm working today. We serve our clients a big Thanksgiving meal (I work in social services). It's a really hard day for most of them, as most have little or no family they have contact with. We try and make it as nice as possible.

The holiday season is always a tough time for the people I work with. :(

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