I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours Fri Nov 30

casey_nfldNovember 30, 2012

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Following the instructions in a Southwest book, your headed West walking in a washed out creek bed. Once you see this hoodo on your left, Fallen Roof Ruin is just ahead. See my pointer...now just climb the sheer canyon wall and your THERE!!!!! So we did!

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Wozer, Nicole, quite a climb. Great pictures you are posting for us.


Here's mine:

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Picture DD took of Woody one of their pet ducks in the pool.

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the moon the other night.

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A darker cousin of casey's squirrel, just outside the National Cathedral in DC.

and a stitched together panorama of the Cathedral

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Harvesting Chia seeds a few weeks ago with our local ranch conservency who sponsors many of the hikes I go on.

These seeds are going right back into the ground, not on chi chi chia pets. :-)

I've been participated in many programs with the conservancy but this is by far the dirtiest I've ever gotten in any thing I've done with them.


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