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luvstocraftSeptember 16, 2006
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Hurray!!!!! Luvs!! I'm sitting here with a big ole smile on my face! I'm so proud of you!
What a cute little guy that is! I can't tell if I'm more happy to see him or that you got him in here! ha What does his sign say? I like all the little extra touches you added to him. Great job on all counts! I'm excited to see more!! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I wanted to surprise you! Your instructions were awesome--could not have done it without you--thank you so much! XXOOXX (That's hugs & kisses) I have a couple of closeup pics of this little guy that I will post too. I painted him last fall, I think he was in one of my books by Kay Fox. His little sign just says "Country Harvest". I was just so thrilled when it worked--I know it will be more fun for you and the others on here if I can share pics too. I know I love seeing everyone's pics. What is it they say about one picture being worth a thousand words! So true. Now just have to control myself and not become pic posting crazy! Ha ha Luvs

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I'm not Anj,but i lookd also. LOL I love him,you did a wonderful job!! Do you cut your own wood?? My dd used to cut mine ,but she moved to AZ,so now i have to buy everything pre cut as i don't have any of my own tools.

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NO! Don't control yourself!! ha We want to see lots of your pics. Congrats on joining the fun. We are having fun aren't we! I'm really glad we got you going. I'm off to start a fan blade and a gourd sign and you get to posting more pics.ha ~Anj

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Hi Kathi, I just had to "dedicate" my first posted pic to Anj--her instructions and encouragement were just what I needed. DH was impressed too!

I do cut my own wood. While visiting my brother one year, I asked him to cut me out a few cutouts on his saw--he said I could cut them myself, and he then helped me learn how. When we got home DH went out and got me a saw, and the rest is history! I enjoy cutting wood almost as much as I enjoy painting.

The precut pieces were so expensive--I found that I could buy a couple of good boards cheaper than one cutout! I do pick up wood items and some metal pieces at TS or YS and paint (or repaint) them too.

You sew, so I know you would take right to cutting wood--it's so similar--follow the lines and keep your fingers out of the way! LOL

Next time you visit DD, have her help you cut a couple pieces--bet you'll be asking "Santa" for a saw for Christmas!

Anj, glad to hear you have some painting time today. Enjoy, and we will be eager to see your pics.

Yes, we are having fun! I was so thrilled to find GJ and this forum--so nice to visit with people who like the same things you do. And now, you made it possible for me to share pics too! Can't remember when I have been this excited! LOL Luvs

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Can't see the picture, Photobucket sign says it has been moved or deleted.

Can you repost?


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Brenda I can still see it. She has a closeup on the Gallery side. Maybe check there? ~Anj

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Hi Brenda, I am still seeing it, but I will do it again--hope this helps.

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Well, that is weird--tried to do it again and it came up with a box with a ? in it. Sorry, can you see the one on the gallery? Hope so. Luvs

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Can't see the picture....but I did look at the gallery, so maybe I saw it there! LOL
I got my 12" bandsaw in 1973 for Christmas, and you should have heard the women in the family! "Yeah, Bill bought it for himself, but gave it to you!" That type of thing....
Nope it was for me. When they wanted suggestions for Christmas presents, I told them a good set of pliers, screwdrivers, etc and they just laughed. I still got perfume-I liked the bottles, and they are still on a shelf unused. Perfume on me makes me gag!
Later, about 1979 we started doing shows, and Bill got a Shopsmith with all the attachments. Then we bought another bandsaw-15", and used all 3. Hired a retired guy to come in and help with the sanding. We always sanded 3 times-6'belt sander, 1" belt sander for edges, and a sanding flapper wheel to take off the burrs. I don't miss the 18 hour days in the shop, and the 12 hour days of the shows in the mall, but I do miss the cutting and painting, and the people we did shows with.

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Let's see if this works!

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Okay, got it back! I think I had two on photobucket that were alike so I deleted one. Obviously the wrong one. Sorry for the problem--I am brand new to this picture posting stuff! Luvs

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Hi Nona, Enjoyed reading about your saws. I haven't used a bandsaw, but love the scroll saw. Can use finer blades and eliminates all that sanding! I have a 2" sander and a palm sander that I use mainly because I reuse allot of scrap wood, so need to do some sanding to clean it up and make the surface smoother for painting. Really wish you could show us some of the things you were making, I'd love to see. Now, there are so many imports that the crafters tell me they just can't compete with the prices and make any profit! Luvs

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