Shall we start a new week??

anjabeeAugust 2, 2010

Hi's Sunday night. As good as any time to start a new week I guess. I had a nice weekend...hope you all did too. Got my DD back from camp on Friday. Lots of laundry and cleaning and shopping on Saturday. Today we went to church, came home and ate BLT's with tomatoes from our garden. Yum. Finally starting to get a few veggies in. Took a little nap until this afternoon and I've been working on making some jewelry until now. Made a few bracelets and organized my beads. Exciting stuff I tell ya. ha

Have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do this week getting ready for back to school. Next Saturday going on an all day fishing trip with the family up in the mountains. The summer sure flew by! Only 3 more weeks before the kids go back to school!

I sent some designs off today to our friend who has a plasma cutter. Can't wait to see what he does with them. He makes metal yard art so hoping they work good for him.

I've also been trying to plan my oldest daughters Sweet 16 party for this coming October. Have a lot of yard work and other things to get ready for her big day.

Ya'll, I'm really not complaining. I love my little family and am so trying to enjoy the time I have with them while they are young. They are growing up so fast. I do wish I was super woman sometimes and could do it all though. ha My poor office/painting room is piled high with projects and mags and painting books. ha So many things I want to get done. Ya'll have a terrific end to this weekend and I hope I'll get back to chat with ya'll this week! ~Anj

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Anj....Anj....Anj....your focus on your family is right where it belongs! And you are correct in saying they grow up so fast. I can remember our DD's 16th B'd, in a few days she will be 47. I love looking through our picture albums and remembering all of those Halloween costumes and the first date and....and..... OK drying my eyes now!

Tomatoes, you ate your tomatoes? Mine are still smaller than a cherry but I do have a cucumber that I've been eying. Soon it will be part of a salad or maybe a sandwich. can keep your heat! I'll keep my overcast morning and sunny afternoons. It really feel more like fall than summer. How is your craft room coming?

Punk...if your memory chip works I want one! I read where they are testing the idea that if you walk backwards for 15 minutes each day, your mind functions better. If I could remember to do it I might even give that a try.

Any forest fires? I remember traveling across MT following a thunder storm and looking back the way we had traveled and seeing many, many fires started by lightening strikes. Our danger is in the red, but no fires this side of the Mts.

Punk, I never thought about tools vs dishes or for me it's "chickens & roosters" Your are right! But I am glad I don't find as many fowl and he finds tools. The best part is that we are together.

Luvs...are you in hiding? I see by your pictures you have been painting and I am sure busy with yard work, which is never done.

We have company this weekend, so it is catch up time. Be safe!


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Well, here I am again. Hope everyone else is doing ok. Luvs~ Hope your DGD is better now? I have been sick the past 2 days. My stomach is still not totally "right" but I feel a little better today.
Belle~ We have only gotten about 4 tomatoes from the garden so far, but yes, they were good. ha A couple of zucchinis and about 10 cucumbers so it's starting to come in finally. Still no peppers or canteloupes. Hope you are ready for your company. =)
Well, I don't really have anything to say in particular, just wanted to stop by and see how everyone was doing. Kohl's is having a big sale so I need to go try to buy some school clothes for the kids today. Not looking forward to that. ha It's been cloudy and threatening rain all morning. I hope you will all have a great day. I'll catch ya'll later!

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Hi you two! Not much exciting going on here either. I did make a couple of signs using vinyl letters as gifts for my next door neighbors. Used the outdoor Mod Podge so the garden sign could be in the yard. Just reread the bottle and it says to let it dry 72 hours before putting outside! No wonder it was still sticky after laying outside for only a couple of hours. I'll try to remember to snap a couple pics to share here.

My DIL ended up taking DGD to doctor, she had both an ear infection and sinus infection. Poor thing, she hardly even complained, just wasn't as active as usual and the fever kept coming back. They are now is Costa Rica--reservations had been made for vacation to visit DIL's folks who live there, but two days before their flight, DIL's Dad died of a heart attack! So what was to have been a fun vacation turned into a sad occassion instead. Little GD was so looking forward to seeing his fish pond and treking through his "jungle" hunting for butterflies and monkeys! Hard for little ones to understand these things!

I envy you two your garden spaces--nothing as good as fresh picked veggies. I have a "volunteer" tomato plant coming up in a flower bed and there's also a nice sunflower plant too. I didn't plant either one of them, so they have been a pleasant surprise. ;o)

I keep telling myself to get busy on another painting project, but keep procrastinating. And it's not because I'm too busy--just need motivation I guess.

Glad you are feeling better Anj, good luck with your shopping trip. I need to find a few new outfits too--but hate to shop for clothes, have to be in the right mood for it! LOL



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Anj......I forgot to put in the word "coming," our company will be here tomorrow or Friday. They want to see so many things while here, I don't think they really see the scope of things. You really can't see the ocean, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier as well as the Space Needle and so many other things in 3 days. Just not gonna happen unless you have a helicopter. They are from VA and are traveling across country by car. You'd think they would be tired of traveling by the time they get here.

Our growing season isn't long enough to grow melons, I just squeak by with my sunflowers and they not always. When the kids lived at home I always canned or froze everything and we had a large garden. I love the produce but not the work.

Today was the "girls" luncheon and we went to The Olive Garden in Olympia which also means shopping. The "girls" are my DH 3 sisters, my DD and myself. We are the only outsiders they allow. We do lunch once a month and in different cities between where we all live. I like the casino lunches the best. Oh! And the food is also great!

Hope your tummy is in the pink! And hope everyone else is well.


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I am such a Daaaaaaah! I have posted twice to your post Luvs and wondered by it didn't show up.....Daaaaah! Can't post two in a row.

I am so sorry for your loss and that of your family. Not the right way to remember a vacation.


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That's okay Belle, I often mean to write something then click to submit before I realize I forgot it. I'm just anxious for them to all get home safe and sound. Little GD will be starting Kindergarten Aug. 24th, so she only has a little more time off.

Here's a couple pics of what I've been playing with this past week. The two signs are little thank you gifts for my neighbors, the Halloween kids are just some Cricut things I've been playing with. Had thought I might fix little bags of candy and attach one of these with each one--but either I'm really slow or they are pretty time consuming! LOL The sunflower is just one that came up in my patio flower bed--at first I thought it was a weed but then recognized the leaf so just let it grow. It is sooo beautiful and perfect. On the one pic, there was a bee and a little butterfly visiting it. Enjoy.


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Oh my, so sorry to hear all the sad news here lately. Hope all is feeling better and what a shame for DIL to loose her father when she had planned to visit him.

Anj, you don't have time to be sick so hope your feeling better.

Luvs, your signs and Halloween cutouts are so neat. I love all your cute ideas you come up with. The bandana is great way to hang the horse sign. Neat border, flower and butterfly on the flower sign. Halloween kids look like alot of work went into them alright. Would be cute on a Halloween wreath.

Beautiful sunflower and perfect timing on taking the picture. One is not always lucky enough to be able to capture bees and butterflies at the right moment. I have several sunflowers and should be taking some pictures before they blow over. We always end up with a strong wind that takes most of mine down at some point.

Belle, would still love to see some pictures of the pond, etc. if you want to share. Our yard is not looking good after the 1 1/4" hail last week so I won't be sharing any pictures.

Well everyone, hope our lives get back to happy times only. Best get to work and accomplish something on my day off. DS is going to Sturgis for 8 days and we will have his little dog. DF's are having us over tomorrow for Prime Rib dinner so may not get much done tomorrow.

Take Care and I'll check in later this weekend. Punk

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Well, I posted a long post yesterday, but I see it didn't take!

Luvs, my condolences to your family. I hope everyone else is back to 100% soon.

It's hot here. 105 on Friday...really. I hate Texas in summer, and August is just about the worst. Too hot to do much anything but sit still in the a/c and wait for it to be over.

I hung the PBN's in the bedroom. Yikes! Took me an afternoon to figure out how to hang them all so they looked evenly spaced. The frames are all different, which I thought would be "interesting" but turns out that was a bad idea. 3 of the frames are quite a bit deeper/bigger than the rest, and they just threw the whole look off, so I went back to the thrift for more frames. Trying to get them painted and finished so I can swap them out. The paintings also look a bit darker/brighter hanging on the wall than they did laying flat on a table. *sigh* I'm hoping with some tweaking it'll look ok.

No new progress on the craft room. It's just too hot to sand or paint much, so that furniture has to wait. I need to have an electrician come out and fix some outlets in that room, too, but we've had a bunch of unexpected bills in the last month or two, so it's also on hold.

Luvs, everything looks great! Those signs are adorable!

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