trying again, I think I did one bigger (maybe)

realroseJanuary 19, 2010

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So much to look at. Beautiful! :0) ~Ann

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I like it a lot. Spotted the watch, cool idea. Nice job.


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I like the watch too! Good job on both of them!

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WOW. it's cool. Love it.
how do you wind up the watch? or change the battery? or...

And another one... i c u r using see-through/transparent bits. what glue do u use?
i also ordered some round ones and kinda transparent. i use a glue that's kinda white/yellowish. guessing it'd look yucky with the glue and then the brown substrate...
any suggestions?

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Thank you! Got the watch at a garage sale, not working, It was about a buck. I bought it to use for mosaics. I've learned you have to look at everything different and think outside the box, I think that part is really fun.

The glue is weldbond. I get the big tube around $7.00 at Michaels and use the 40% coupon. I like weldbond for inside projects. It dries clear and is easy to remove. I seem to get really sloppy with glue and get it in many places it shouldn't be.

You have to experiment some and see what works for you. I use to use the ge silicone, but man did I make a mess with that and had such a time getting it off, me and my mosaics!

Hope this helps, enjoy!

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