Living within your income.

Pooh BearNovember 14, 2002
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I love it. MonicaTX

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The way to get ahead is to live below your income.

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That's about how I feel lately with all the insurance and tax increases, and stock market and interest decreases.

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and how about having to pay for this forum in Feb. How can that save us money?

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sorry but I agree with DADDoES.....learning to live below your income has definate pluses. Just my opinion I don't mean to offend anyone.

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The problem lately is having to keep lowering our living as the income keeps decreasing but the cost of things keep increasing.(Husband is retired) Oh...the fee is hitting this forum too. Oh no. That's what I mean about everything going up in cost. No offense to the forum, everyone seems to be doing it. What do we do when the things we can't cut out keep increasing. Like auto insurance, home insurance, taxes..etc. I sold one car because of auto insurance, now down to one. Seems I am running out of places to save money. How about some suggestions?

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Hi all,

Annual income: $30,000. Annual expenses: $29,500. Happiness.

Annual income: $30,000. Annual expenses: $30,500. Misery.

Good wishes to all - for happiness.

joyful guy.

P.S. If use credit card to cover shortfall: Incipient tragedy, even though delayed. EB

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Guess I'd have to recommend Suze Orman's books. I used to worry terribly about a daughter who thought charge cards were a way of life. One book and one video later, and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Personally I have always lived below our income. Even pre retirement with a big salary, it was auctions and resale shops. My motto is never buy new when used will do. This is an environmental plus!

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Hi again all,

The message above was a revision of what my Grandma said, who died in 1950.

Her figures were somewhat different, though.

My first year's income, in 1953, was $1,900.

Now, my private-source monthly pension income, from the same agency, is nearly two-thirds of that.

Good wishes to all for a happy, healthy, prosperous and prolonged retirement.

ole joyful

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