December, 2013 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLDecember 1, 2013

Here we are....the last month of the year! How did you fare this last year? Are you pretty happy with the quilting you were able to do? Of course, I didn't get as many UFO's completed as I wanted to, but I'm happy with what I did get done! Nine quilts were completed, most of them UFO's or using blocks that were already made. I'm working on the 10th and really hope to have it done this week. I'm not going to push myself this month, so.....

1. Finish the Cabin Warmer
2. Make 10 more Pillowcases

Other than that, I'll probably consider what UFO to do next.

What cha got going this month around the sewing machine?


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Wow, this year has flown by! I know we say that every year. LOL

We have a gazillion musical commitments this month, so between that and work I'm going to just keep plugging away on Bonnie's mystery quilt. When that's done (or I need a break from it) I need to make a baby quilt. Mark's coworker and his wife are expecting their first (also the boss's first grandbaby) in the summer.


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I have an I Spy quilt that I just started quilting. The label that I embroidered for the quilt (at the beginning of this year) says 2012-2013, so I'm really trying to finish it this month. I suspect it may be January 2014 when the final stitch is placed. :)

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Hi everyone.
I have been MIA for a while.
Sometimes reality gets in the way of quilting!
Like many others, I will be extra busy this month.
I do have some quilt sandwich squares made and I hope to practice FMQ for at least 1/2 hr. every other day.

Hope all of you have a wonderful month,


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This year really has flown by!!! This month I would like to cut fabric for and hand piece 2 more saw tooth star pincushions for Christmas presents. If I actually get time to spend making granny square blocks that would be great - am going to use them to a make a floor quilt that can be stored until next decade when maybe I might be lucky and get grandbabies, LOL my son is only in elementary school, so this is wishful thinking on my part. - it will be a full-size quilt for me to keep.

Best to you,

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I go into my sewing room every day and just stand there and look at it, soaking it in. It's where Wee Willie, my cat, inevitably ends up, napping on the edge of the mattress I stand against a wall and use for my design board. It is the brightest and cheeriest room of my house, and also the warmest and with the prettiest views. I have no plans for quilting yet..........I'm letting ideas and urges incubate until I get inspired. Nothing has grabbed me, and this is the woman who cranks out four or five a year and her routine is to start the morning off with my cuppa at a machine, even if to just make HSTs for future quilts. I miss playing touchy feely with my fabrics.

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It's been a tough fall but I have managed to get applique work done in my lap this past six weeks or so. I found that a good stretching exercise is leaning over to pin baste a quilt sandwich in the middle part. So, I am able to rationalize enough to get a few quilting things done.

I have marked and pinned a quilt that is to be the gift of our little group to a friend who moved away. My job was to quilt it and they planned that for December when my shoulder allowed it. So, that is my plan. Then the designer announced she is using it in a magazine shoot - no pressure there.

I still have hopes for a quilt for Mom by Xmas. If not, it will be done shortly after. I pick away on it bit by bit and once I get the top assembled I'll post a picture so all can see my therapy project. Hope it turns out well.

I have a pile of Xmas fabrics here calling to me but don't know if I'll have time to work with them so that might be scratched off the list. Xmas sewing in January just doesn't seem the same.

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It's funny how four years ago quilting wasn't even part of my life and now I miss it if I can't sew a little everyday.

For the rest of the year, I'll continue to make depression blocks for my DD's quilt. No rush to finish it as she says she is warm enough in bed. However, she said she needs it when she wants to cuddle up in front of the TV. I think using the queen size quilt back and forth will wear it out a lot faster, so I was thinking I could make a falling charms lap quilt this weekend and give it to her for Christmas. Doable?

I made one of the four aprons I need for Christmas yesterday. Plan on doing one each day this week and having it done. That's all I'm planning on doing.

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WoooHooo, everybody! I have 3 more sides to bind on the Cabin Warmer and it'll be ready to take to the cabin this week-end. Cannot wait to see it hanging from the loft railing. :-)

Donna, You have got a full schedule! We'll be lucky to even see you again before Christmas. lol
Lola99, You can do it!!! Just keep plugging away at it.
Geraldine, I've missed you! Hope all is well and life is treating you better. :-)
Sandra, Enjoy making your Granny Squares. I'm thinking you might find another use for them before you have any 'grands' arrive.
Calliope, Keep going into your special room and enjoy the view. Something will come to you and you'll be back on track. :-)
TG/Linda, Bless your heart. You've had quite a long haul what with having your shoulder worked on. Isn't there someone else could do the quilting? However, your quilting will be in a magazine? Which one? When? Let us know so we can all ohhhh and ahhhhh over it.
Bev2009, Yes, once the quilting virus strikes, it seems there is no cure and fabric/quilts become a part of life that we miss if we cannot do something on a daily basis. I think the Falling Charms would be perfect for your daughter.

Have a great week and just keep plugging away at whatever it is you want to finish. DH and I plan to go with DD, her DH and his parents to northern GA this week-end to see the cabin DD bought this summer. No TV and no internet, but there's a convenience store at the corner. It seems that 'the corner' is 3 miles away. lol


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I am quilting a t-shirt quilt that a friend pieced this month and sandwiching a charity quilt for church. I want to make 4 tea-wallets and that will be it for me. Anything else will be a bonus!


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Guess y'all know we didn't get to the cabin because DH broke his knee-cap getting off of his motorcycle and had surgery a week ago today. He's been sitting in his chair and following orders....especially since he knows if he doesn't, he'll be sitting there longer than the 10-14 days! It took him a couple days and playing with the wheelchair and then the crutches and then decided he can get around easier using the walker. (It was actually kind of funny watching him) He sees the doctor in the morning so we'll see what's next. It's been quite a week and I'm exhausted! I did get some more pillowcases made but not nearly enough as I discovered I'll need 5 more than I had planned on. Have fabric cut for 6 more so maybe this coming week I'll have a few more minutes than I had last week and get them put together. :-)

How's everyone else doing? We know LindaOH is busy rocking her new granddaughter, Samantha Grace. :-)


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Still on my self-imposed holiday from quilting, but getting plenty of time in the sewing room. The paisley wall covering I never really liked, and what was a temporary fix to cover a bad paint job and wall-finishing work is down and the room is now a soft, inviting buttery yellow-gold. Still mulling it over in my mind what my next quilt will be.

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Oh, gosh, Sharon, I didn't know about your DH! I hope he's feeling better and the doctor appointment goes well.

I've finished step 1 of Bonnie's mystery and made a very small dent in step 2. Step 3 was just published today. My plan for this weekend is to finish cutting the pieces for step 2 and do at least some of step 3.

We are playing handbells at Disney tonight and Tuesday night, then at the military hotel at Disney next Friday night. We have a party tomorrow night, but other than that I should have most of the weekend to sew. (Unless I get roped into finishing painting the dining room.)


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I've got all four aprons done and the falling charms is pieced and I'm working on creating the back. Probably no more sewing today, but hopefully will get it sandwiched at least this weekend. I hope to add a piano bench cover to my Christmas project list for my daughter. I was at a friend's house and she had an antique one. I have a quilt block I made 30 years ago and I had quilted the block but did not finish it. That was back when I had no idea what I was doing and, I couldn't decide whether to frame it or make something out of it, like a pillow. I'll try and incorporate that....seems like I still don't know what I am doing most of the time. LOL

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Sharon I feel bad for your husband breaking a knee cap, that just sounds awefully painful. You are probably right Sharon, once I get a lot of granny square blocks made I'll probably be repurposing them for something else, we'll see - hoping to make more blocks in 2014. I plan to just make a bunch and box them up and then when I get time to actually layout the top down the road then will put them up on my temporary design wall which I can't leave out all the time, because it hangs over the cabinets in the laundry room that we use every day.

I have fabric cut for 2 more pincushions and have 1 of them half way sewn. S-I-L said she would try to make me 5 embroidery labels for my pincushion project this weekend. I'm gonna' be cutting it close getting both of them done, 'cause every time I sit at my desk to work on them I find myself back on the computer. Thankfully I have all of my Christmas shopping done.

Bev I would love to see a pick of your falling charms quilt once you get it finished.

Donna your hand bells playing sounds like fun.

Hope everyone enjoys their holidays.

Best to you,

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I am officially done making Christmas presents as I just finished sewing the embroidery labels on the pincushion Christmas presents. Yay I am actually done.

Best to you and Merry Christmas,

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DH is doing well and is adamant about not going to any kind of PT. However, I'm hoping to convince him to go at least once or twice and then get a list of exercises to do. I know he'll do them at home. His pain tolerance is off the charts....he never took any kind of pain meds except for Ibuprofen once he left the hospital. We'll see about the PT when seeing the dr again in 3 weeks.

Four more pillowcases to complete and then on to the backing for Great-grandson, Isaiah, due to arrive in February. Also, have a Falling Charms to complete for Major Abbi's DH. She is due back from deployment in April or May and then they'll be moving to her next station. She will be a Commanding Officer on her next appointment. That girl just keeps adding ribbons, or whatever it is they put on their jackets.

Any thoughts about the new year? I hope to still keep on finishing up my UFO's and trying to make do with the fabric I have on hand, but I don't think I'll be as strict on myself as I was this year.


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Today I just finished up the last of 49 star blocks for GS's quilt, Next will come sashing and cornerstones but that will have to wait until Jan. Table tidied up in preparation for company this week.
Best wishes to all for a lovely holiday with family and friends.

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How do I do,that, double post that is

This post was edited by nannykins on Sun, Dec 22, 13 at 19:00

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49 stars? Yikes!!!

It's almost time to post next months goals, so thought I'd post one more time this year. My goals were met....30 pillowcases.

Happy New Year!!

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