DGD 3-D pinwheel Christmas Quilt

wynativeDecember 23, 2011

Close up of backing, pinwheel with tiny yoyo:

I did the binding multi out of the color's in the quilt. I saw a quilt on here that had it and couldn't resist - love it :)

A wall hanging for a friend:

I made every gift this year due to lack of $$$ here are a couple other gifts. I took a ceramic class in school this semester and made the following:

Goblet for my niece:

Goblet for my daughter:

Jewelry Box for DIL:

Elephant Bank for my DGD:

I did football helmets for other including my son but as this is a quilting site, I will refrain from posting everything LOL

Merry Christmas to all you quilters!


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Marie, Those little yo-yos are really cute and the color is right on! Good job on the other gifts, too. The time you spent making the gifts, and the thought that went into creating them should not be overlooked.


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Thanks Sharon : ) I had lots of fun doing them.

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Great job on the quilt - the yo-yo's are perfect.
Thanks for posting the ceramics - you have been very busy and creative-they will love the gifts.

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Marie, the quilts are gorgeous! I love the small yo-yos, they really tie the border to the quilt.

But, a KOKOPELLI!!!! My dh is from Arizona and I fell in love with them when I visited his family the first time.

And a ceramics class!!! I wish I could take one!!!

Merry Christmas, I would love all of the gifts and I know they will too!!!!!

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When you make a gift for someone you love, you're giving them a piece of yourself. They'll probably look at them and see you in their mind, working on the gifts and thinking of them.

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Thanks ladies :)

Rosa - my DIL collects them - last year she got a Kolopelli quilt for her birthday. Must work because I now have a granddaughter - maybe this time next year they will be preparing to give me a grandson.. LOL

Merry Christmas to all!

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