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ritaweedaDecember 1, 2012

Today we were at my DIL's 40th B-Day and her mom offered me 2 shopping totes crammed full and tight with fabric!! I kept telling her you know, when you retire you are going to regret getting rid of this, but she insisted. I made her take ten dollars for it, which was all I had on me. She didn't want to take it but I told her it was well worth a lot more. So I brought it home and there is a whole cutting table stacked with it. Now I'm thinking that this postage stamp quilt that I am hand-quilting must get done before Christmas so that I can gift it to her. I didn't have any plans for it so I might as well. This is a blessing since my stash is slowly diminishing. Not depleted but at the rate I've been going this year it won't be too much longer before I will have to start replenishing and with the price of cotton nowadays it's going to take me a long time to bring it back to an amount that lets me sleep well at night.

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Rita, I think she would be pleasantly surprised that you would think of her to gift the Postage Stamp quilt to. Thank you!

I went to a yard sale of my daughter's best friend a few weeks ago and she had what looked like a huge quilt top of just 4/5 inch squares. I asked her about it and with some tears in her eyes, she told me to 'just take it.' Seems that her daughter (who is now a Major in the Army and has 2 children of her own) tried to make it when she was still at home. My plan is to finish it and give it back to her so she can give it to her daughter.


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Sharon that is such a great thing for you to do. Keep us informed on her reaction when she gets it.

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WOW...a basket full of fabric with a return of a finished quilt...that is awesome and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to seeing your postage stamp quilt!

Sharon...that story is touching...do post a pic when completed and let us know how all is received.


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