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nanajayneDecember 9, 2011

How many of you use your serger for quilting?

As I seldom have it set up I don't think about it but used to use it more when I did items to sell.

Recently it was out and I decided to use left overers from my sister quilt to make placemats for her and used it. I like the idea for placemats because the seams are true and strong and it has very little quilting.

I did make a around the world quilt a number of years ago using it but I didn't quilt it and didn't envy the one that did.

I used to use it to put the binding on the quilt but changed my technique and stopped.

Except for the dense seam, which is a true 1/4", I think it works well for many st. seams.

Just wondered it others have tried it.

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Never. I have two sergers, one mechanical only, and one computerized. I use them for many things, but not quilting.

I have never found them to be very useful in quilting. I hate the density of the thread laid down in the seam allowance - it's just way more thread than is needed, and wasteful.

I get an accurate 1/4" seam allowance on my regular sewing machine, so that's not a consideration for me. I don't find the seam any stronger, either - it's just that serged seams don't ravel. But they won't ravel after quilting, either.

I get a strong seam on the regular machine by reducing the stitch length. Reduce the stitch length on a serger, and you're tripling the amount of thread bulk in the seam allowance.

Serging makes more sense if you're doing a quilt-as-you-go technique, adding batting and fabric in small sections, but I don't ever do that.

Eleanor Burns and Kaye Woods did a lot of this sort of quilting, and while I like many of their designs, I never liked the method.

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The only time I ever used my serger when quilting was to piece backing pieces together. I regretted it when I put the quilt together because you can feel that heavy seam on the back of the quilt. I have to admit, I wanted to like it because overall I don't use my serger much, but won't use it again for quilts.

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My serger also doesn't get much use since I don't sew clothes any more. I am going to use it tomorrow to sew up 2 pillows, but mostly it just takes up space on my sewing table.


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Never had a serger and so never missed it. I think it's one toy I can live without!

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I'm lucky I can leave my serger and sewing machine out all the time. I've never used the serger for quilts but I use it alot for other sewing. I have used it on alot of outdoor fabrics for tent covers and wind breaks. Some tent bags and grill covers. Really strong seams, had to rip one out once that was not fun, almost just cut off the seam.

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My serger also stays out and ready all the time, but I never use it in making quilts. Just can't think of a reason where it would be more desirable than what is done on my regular machine.

Sergers are great for edging linen when making clothing, fast for making lots of pillowcases to sell or gift, edging tablecloths and napkins, sewing decorative throw pillows and I think they would be good when making quillows or baby blankets. Long seams are where they can clip along fast!


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I use to use my serger, mostly for home decor projects - drapes, etc. It is great for splitting an old comforter into
sections for the dog!
I never thought about using it for outdoor covers - great idea! I need to hem a new boat cover, I'll try using the serger - that will make it go much faster - thanks for the tip.

I watched an El Burns show - she was introducing this new, revolutionary machine- The Serger- no way could her points and seams match the way she was zipping along.

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I haven't seen my serger for at least 10 years! Loaned it to DD's friend and she still has it. Guess I don't need it if I haven't missed it. lol


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I thought I would show what I have done with the serger making my sisters placemats.

The one shows the back and the front the results. I hand sticthed the binding in the back and use my reg. machine to do quilt in the ditch.
I wasn't unhappy with the results.

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While I use my serger for a lot of things, I haven't used it in a quilt, but I am thinking about it. Heard someone or saw on the net something about using the serger in quilting.
Maybe in the new year, I will give it a try on something. Never thought about using it for attaching binding. Hmmmm, I need to look into this idea some more. Google search coming up!
nanajayne....looks great to me!

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