Start /Stop Button Vs. Foot Pedal

agnesdDecember 22, 2010

Never had a start/stop button before this machine. Trying to get used to it. I have a problem with pin removal. Just wondering if there are any hints I should know. Does anyone use this almost exclusively or is it better suited to certain tasks. Obviously, it wouldn't be good for free motion or would it? Should I persevere with it, and I will love it or should I leave it?

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I have had a Start/stop button on my last 2 machines. I consider it almost an essential now. I use it for most of my sewing but as you pointed out freemotion quilting doesn't work very well that way. I also use the foot pedal if I am doing a detailed task or with very thich fabric sometimes.
I think you will love it with practice. I sure do.

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I am a bad person. I leave pins in and sew over them all the time. All the time.

I almost never have an altercation between a pin and the machine's needle. But I have had direct contact where the needle continues on and I've had direct contact where the needle breaks. Irritating! But not nearly so irritating as going at a snail's pace all the time to remove pins. And, regardless of how dramatic the contact might be, I've still only ever had to replace a needle. Not get my machines serviced. That's about 10 years for my Husqvarna, 2 years for my Bernina and 30+ years for the Singer I had before my Husqvarna).

I wonder if the difference is how I pin? I pin at a right angle with the raw edge. I put the needle from the center of the work toward where the seam will go and I try to stay just beyond the seam allowance (1/4" for quilting 5/8" for garments). But there are critical points where the pin is right through a Y seam or the convergence of pinwheels too.

More on topic, I have used the Start/Stop feature for FMQ. It left knots on the bottom where my hands didn't keep up on turns or on securing the final stitches. But as a newbie and total spazoid at FMQ it liberated me from worrying about how even a speed I maintained with my foot pedal. Just thinking about what my hands were doing made it possible for me to FMQ at all. ...tho I am working at proper technique.

Even if I have to take a machine in

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Thanks for the info I appreciate all the help I can get.

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I also love the start stop button, expecially for decorative stitching. The speed control is just plain great.Once you get used to it you will never go back to the pedal.

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So please forgive those of us who have never used a stop/start button - this will probably sound like a couple dumb questions!
Do you really have to press a button to stop the stitching? Is that faster and easier than a foot control? I just can't imagine giving up my foot pedal!
Dumb questions?

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No dumb question.... yes you push a button to stop the stitching. I have it down to where I know how fast I want to run my machine (also can be set on my maching) and with using this method you become almost automatic on what needs to be done, like having your foot in your hand.

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That's exactly what I wanted to know. If it gets easier and I can tell after a week it already is. I've had knee operated machines and pedal ones. Now I have a knee operated presser foot that I feel in love with on the first day. But sometimes I'm pushing the imaginary pedal or running it by the knee lift. Confused but working on it.

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