first time owner: kitchen layout ideas (need some coaching)

dojeyDecember 15, 2012

I've read up on things here, and have spoken with people. But it seemed a bit ignorant for me not to post and directly solicit all the expertise that is here...

The Players
- single male new homeowner, likely with another roommate (so two people)
- I do enjoy cooking, and enjoy cooking and entertaining as well (though I don't do it too much I must admit)
- future-proofing for family in future (maybe/hopefully/wishfully)

The Field
- 50 year old craftsman style house, one floor
- completely clean slate... appliances, cabinets, and floor all gone

The Dream
- would like to keep in open, and on the more modern/contemporary side (not too much)

The Game Plan
- I've included what I'm thinking of doing it... but feel like there's a lot that's wrong with it. That's why I'm on here... hoping you guys could help me out
- the one thing I'd really like is to have the kitchen peninsula... I'm taking out a wall (you can see the remnants of it) to make it happen
- ummm... I think that's about it.. everything else I don't really know...

Budget... oh dear... well.. I guess budget is independent of layout... though preferably I won't have to move the plumbing too much (electrical I need to redo since absolutely nothing's to code)

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Sorry.. still figuring it out... as I think I'll need to get something on Photobucket or something like that so I can post multiple pics.
Here's what I have so far... (though dimensions are out of whack... general idea is there

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You are best to go introduce yourself to the kitchen forum, and post your dimensions (read their thread: "NEW to kitchens, read me first" (or something)). And, they will totally help you out in ways the remodeling forum only kind of can (lots of crossover, but the kitchen people really hang out on kitchens).

Also, when you do post there, don't reply to your own thread before someone else does; otherwise your thread will drop down. As long as it is "unanswered" it stays on the first page. But, if you do as you did here, your post will drop down and because that is a very busy forum, it may get "lost"... So, best to get everything on one post, then wait for someone to reply before you any details you forgot.

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