Cost 10'x10' 1 level addtion off kitchen of Cape house?

started_with_beanDecember 15, 2012

Hi all, first time poster here. We're considering buying a small Cape house here in MA. We're talking 1100 sq ft, with a small kitchen, 3Br/1Ba. Already dormered in back, so we'll also be looking to put in a 2nd bath upstairs. But the deal breaker would be if we can add this addition off the back of the house, next to the kitchen, and use that as the dining room, as the current house lacks one. We'd be looking to have it on a slab, no basement, but it'd be at a right angle to the house. There's no space to go out the side of the house, so there will have to be a tie in to the existing roof line. Any thoughts? New electrical would be needed, plus at least 2 windows and a door out to the yard. If the costs is over 20K, then we may be better off waiting for a bigger house that doesn't need additional structure added.

Thanks for any input!

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Best to find a local contractor and ask. For my house in PNW (a cape), it was going to be about 50k to add on 15x18 off the back (perpendicular) one-story. So, I'd check to see with your local contractors.

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Sophie Wheeler

20K won't get you the foundation work in an expensive cost of living area like Boston metro. 50-75K would be nearer the mark.

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Thank you both! In addition to another space concern, we're not going to put an offer on the house. Guess we'll have to keep looking after the new year. Happy Holidays!

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$20k for an addition isnt practical in MA and using standard materials, etc. Would the house after the additional only be worth another $20k? If so then the house is overbuilt or something already for the neighborhood but that is hard to imagine at 1100 square feet. So may be ask a couple realtors ...this house in this neighborhood at 1400 square feet would be worth ? versus 1,100 square feet plus the 2 bathrooms versus one. Usually a 2nd bathroom - if done at a reasonable cost - you can double or triple your investment! (for example the house would appreciate $50k just becuase it is a 3/2 and your new bathroom cost $20k to put in.) You can get cost estimates for bathroom additions at

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~$400/sf is a reasonable guess for the Boston area for add-on space not including kitchen or bathroom done at locally typical moderate finish levels (ie blueboard/plaster walls, painted woodwork, mid-range windows, clapboard exterior).

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