joanniDecember 19, 2009

I just bought an old farmhouse in NC and like many it has aluminum siding backed by tar-paper and no insulation at all in the walls. I was thinking of tearing the siding off and putting rigid foam board up, foil backed, then new siding and slowly remodeling the inside one room at a time insulating from the inside also although I might not do this as the inside walls are in good shape with plaster tops and bead-board bottoms and look very nice.

1) should the foil be faced out to reflect the summer heat or in and do I need to leave a space between it and the new siding or can I side right to it?

2) should I put the inside vapor barrier on the room side of the wall filling between the studs with fiberglass or do I need one with the foamboard outside. Will using both create a moisture problem?

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You need to decide if you want a vapor retarder on the inside or the outside of the wall and avoid having both.

If you want an aluminum foil facing to act as a radiant barrier it must have at least a 3/4" air space in front of it.

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With radiant barrier, along with the 3/4" air space, you need a venting system in order for the trapped hot air to escape. One wat would be to have each cavatie,(air space), runn up and out continous running soffit venting if you have that. Screening the bottom of the cavaty will keep bugs and critters out of the air space. If you dont have soffit venting, you will have to come up with a plan to incorporate the cavaties into your attic if you have vented attic space. Radiant barrier will reflect the heat away from the wall, but you have to have an avenue for the heated air to escape keeping in mind hot air rises. It will also be instrumental in holding the heat in during the cold months with proper installing despite negative opinions. Our build is proof!

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Thanks folks. My intent is insulation before vapor barrier on the rigid foam. This was the only thing I could think of to insulate without tearing the bathroom and everyother room in the house out. If its not used as a radiant but just as insulation then I can face right to it, yes?
The bathroom will have unfaced fiberglass (R13 as the walls are 2x4) and plastic vapor. Do I need to strap it to leave a space between the plastic and the wallboard or can I go right onto it? I was planing on using greenboard on the wall but might finish with some type of wood, priming and painting it for easy clean up.

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