I am looking for a quilt frame pattern

msbehavinDecember 29, 2007

I have been searching for a quilt frame pattern. I read a few years back how to make one out of a card table. I now can't find the directions. Does anyone know how to do this. I think one just takes the top off and maybe sew ticking to the bars. I would sure like to find a site for making your own quilt frame.

Any kind. I think you can also make one out of pvc pipe. Thank You

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Check out Ebay I saw a pattern there not long ago. I think the guy had a web site with more also... grace

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Here are a few possibilities:

Quilt frame built by Alex AndersonÂs Dad, instructions on HGTV web site

To see the Simply Quilts video, go to the
Simply Quilts Video Center
and search for

Joe Sladky's Quilt Frame

In the Video Search field (HGTV does not make it easy to link directly to the video segment you want, unfortunately).

Other ideas:

A set of plans for sale

Another set of plans for sale

Texas BobÂs Free Quilt Frame Plans (very simple)

Here's a card table sort of (patented) design. This vendor is selling the quilt frames, not the plans:

Folding quilt frame product


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I found the information below on a hint/tip site...maybe it will work...if so...please post pictures and let us know how it worked.


"Here's a great idea! I was about to throw out an old card table (with a fiber cardboard top)....then an idea hit me, convert it into a portable quilting frame! I removed the top with my trusty butcher knife, as close to the edge as it would allow. Using fabric scraps I wrapped the edge and securely fastened the fabric to it with a staple gun. I fastened my quilt to the edges with binder clips. Presto! A fantastic, portable, easily stored quilting frame!"

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You guys are great. I guess I best be knocking the dust off my saw. The card table is exactly what I was searching for. That would be nice for smaller quilts. Here is my suggestion for quilters. I found a folding table similar to a card table (Walmart or one of the chain stores) except it is about 4' long and 2' wide. To make the table taller you just set the legs in pvc pipe big enough around to fit over the legs. I capped the legs with pvc caps. Presto a taller work table nice for cutting. A padded and covered piece of plywood over top makes a nice pressing area. Thank you for helping me.

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Here is a site where I posted a pattern of a quilting frame that I saw in The Family Handyman. I had never seen one like it before so I posted the picture on my page on Arkansite.com. I have not used it yet and may need shallow notches on the rails once I start using it, but it seems to have plenty of friction just the way it is. The rails need to be of hardwood and a narrow band of doubled fabric stapled or tacked to them so you can pin your quilt on the rails.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arkansite.com

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