Pergo Panals for ceiling

worwizNovember 19, 2010

I was thinking of using Pergo or an off brand of man made flooring, what I am going to do is put 1 x 2 strips 16 OC across the 24 OC trusses then install flooring panels across them as would be done with hard wood using a finish nailer and nailing every 16 in. in the seam to hold the panels up. I am a little concerned about expansion and buckling. Has anyone ever done this? This is a large room with a pitched ceiling maybe gluing them up would be better? Or maybe it can not be done at all, any advice would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance


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With solid hardwood, maybe. With a "floating floor" it wouldn't be a good idea at all.

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That was exactly what I had planned until I found tongue and groove solid pine planks at Home Depot. A 12-footer costs about $7. I used wood conditioner and stained them which took no time at all. I did not even use a poly final coat since they wouldn't get any wear and tear.

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It would be much cheaper, look better and work far better to just buy pine V-groove panels from one of the big boxes. You can stain or paint them before you put them up.

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