House I was looking to purchase

chrisk327November 9, 2009

Hey everyone, not so much a question as a standing in disbelief.

I was looking at a house that I was going to purchase to renovate and possibly subdivide the property to build an additonal house. House has been for sale for a while. I took my brother in law and my wife to look at it.

Went in the basement. The main beam had a 1 foot long section that was missing. On one side, a 5 inch hole for the waste line was cut through the quad 2x8s. One side was sitting on the foundation about 1/2 inch. The supports were in crumbling cement on the basement floor from water damage and stress.

I told the RE agent that I don't think the house is structurally sound. The real disbelief was that after speaking to the RE agent, she said a lot of contractors have been through this, and they not only said nothing of the sort, they were planning on building up.

I looked at it earlier and I did miss some of the issues origionally and went DOH when my brother in law pointed them out.... but either the contactors are slow, too polite to say anything, or don't think that replacing all the supports and the main beam of the house is a big deal....

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Or the real estate agent is lying.
The house still for sale for reason.

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A real estate agent lie!!!! Surely you jest!

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