Size of Transom Windows, need opinions on these pictures

elizawhyzaNovember 29, 2011

I'm feeling pretty upset about our window installation. The pictures below are our family room. Our contractor ordered 1' tall transoms, and as you can see in the picture, glass size is very small. We have just about enough space for the next size transoms, which are 1'7", but there would be very little space between the window and the transom. I think I would prefer that to the way the smaller transoms look, but I am interested in any and all feedback. We would also have to lower the windows by 2", but I think I can live with the tops of the windows being different from the french doors as long as the tops of the transoms are all the same.

Recognizing that it won't be cheap to change this, we are looking at the long term, so if we are going to change it, this is the time. I would really appreciate honest opinions.

Thanks very much in advance!

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I see what you're saying about wishing the transoms were taller ... but are you going to have crown molding in here? You want the trip to have room to breathe & not be squished against the ceiling or other windows.

Given the choice of bigger transoms with offset height between the window top & french door ... I would stay with what you have. I think having the window height mismatched from the door would be more visually distracting than you'd think. We have 1 closet in a bedroom where the frame for the closet doors is higher than the frame for the door in & out of the room ... and it bugs me every time I see it.

I think they are very attractive as they are, taller transoms would be beautiful but these are very appealing right now.

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I think they are fine the way they are, as you have a lot of window here already. It looks nice. Is the additional work and expense worth it?

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Thanks for the feedback. It really helps.

We might just move the transoms closer to the windows.

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