toe kick register...under dishwasher?

homeboundOctober 19, 2011

Just curious about this. I walked a full remodel job that is nearing completion (nobody except owner on site when I was there), and I noticed the dishwasher opening had a toekick resister installed in that space. I thought it must be a mistake, since I figure the DW motor would need to be right where that boot (correct term?) was located. Is this actually done successfully under dishwashers? The boot appeared to be a total of 2" above the floor. Countertops are standard height. Thoughts?

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They'll figure out it's a mistake when they go to put the appliances in. DW's sit on the floor and should not have a vent located under them.

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"DW's sit on the floor...

Only at each side usually.

The motor is often only a few inches from the floor though

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I'm really curious if this arrangement is possible with dishdrawer type DW's. They are up and off the floor, right?

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