OT: My sis got run over by a reindeer!

rosajoe_gwNovember 24, 2010

Well a white tail deer anyway lol!!!! She said the back of her brand new car looked like an accordion.

I told her the next time she sees a deer coming up behind her in her rear view mirror to move over the the next lane and let the deer pass lol!!!!!!

Her DIL was broadsided by one the same week.

One year my other sis was hit by FIVE deer in one year.

This is hunting season and Turkey Day is a HUGE hunting event around here. The deer panic and run onto the streets.

We are driving over to the coast tomorrow and we have bought the sonar thingies to put on the car to warn the little deers we are close by.

I hope the things work lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You know, hardly a day goes by that we don't have deer here on our property EXCEPT during hunting season. I'm beginning to think that they hunker down in some secret underground bunkers for the duration.

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Rosa, is she okay? I assume insurance will pay to fix the car.

A friend of mine knows a guy who had a deer jump into the open car window as he was driving! I'm glad I live in town! :) Though we do have armadillos, possums and racoons and small stuff like that.


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Rosa, my Dad swore by those sonar thingies. He never hit a deer after he found out about them. So, go for it.

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The deer all hunker down where we live during hunting season. My DH works for the local conservation authority and we live in a park. Those deer are smart....we see so many more during hunting season than any other time of the year!

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The deer here learn at a very young age that the only way to cross a road is in front of a moving vehicle.
After losing two vans I've switched to a nice big pickup truck.
Now all I have to do when I hit one is to wash off the front of the truck and replace those sonar thingies that they keep knocking off.
Much better!

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I live in an urban area so we don't see many deer. But I also sometimes drive between LA and Vancouver where there are lots of woods.

I try very hard not to be on the road at dusk or around daybreak and if I have to, I want someone in the car with me spotting the sides of the road while I look straight ahead. Even so, I've had to do it alone at night. It's the most stressful kind of driving I can think of. But maybe when you've survived a collision or two it gets easier. I suspect I'd be completely traumatized even if the car and the deer survived!

Glad your sister walked away from it!

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