Safety Pins

minnie_txNovember 12, 2012

I use them for a whole lot of things Anyone notice how they barely pierce the cloth anymore?

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I recntly purchased Dritz quilting safety pins, aka as beer belly pins. I got them off of Amazon and while they are not razor sharp, they seem to be fine. Of course I've only used them twice...I guess time will tell.
I know next time, I will not get size 1, way to small to manipulate easily.

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Yes Minnie. I noticed they are just about dull and also so think that they bend.

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Gosh! I thought it was me and my lack of "finger strength". I bought a new supply of them a while back and finally just threw them away. could not get them through any fabric. I do have some of the bent ones for quilting that are very good. I use them to pin layers together for quilting and wanted some others for other uses.
It may be that some of the safety pins available now are made in China and are not the quality they used to be. Just a wild guess on my part. sigh

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I only use those bent ones myself. And, now and then there is a dull one and I throw it out immediately. Overall, they seem to work fine.

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I've noticed it too. You can try running it through your hair to make it slide through the fabric easier. It seems to help me.

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