Suggestions needed for light/magnifier/clamp stand

caroline94535November 29, 2010

I need a lot of light and magnification when I'm working on beadwork, quilting embellishments, and counted cross-stitch projects.

I'm looking for an adjustible floor-stand lamp with a very bright light and strong magnifier glass. Do any of you good folks use something similar?

Do you have suggestions as to which would be the best model?


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I have a tabletop Ott light with magnification. I love it.

They make floor models too. Don't know about clamping features though.

Joanne's frequently runs sales on Ott merchandise on its website. In fact, I think they have consistently better prices than the retail stores.

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I have an Ott floor lamp with the add-on magnifier. The lamp is nice but I find I have a very hard time positioning the magnifier so that I can see through it. It's clamped to the pole, so you can move it up and down, and it has a flexible arm so you can move it around, but for some reason I just can't seem to get it where I can see. The magnifier is round, about 6" in diameter. Maybe a larger rectangular one would work better.

I got it for 60% off when JoAnn's had them on sale, so it was around $45-$50, I think.


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I just bought this one from Amazon. I originally bought one from Joanns - it turned out to be an ordeal buying from them (as usual) - the magnifier is scratched severely, so it is going back to the store. Fortunately that is the only part I took out of the box. I did use the magnifier - rigged on another light to test the magnification. It seems to be good for ripping out tiny stitches on dark fabric.
The amazon price is about $45 cheaper than the sale price at Joanns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon light

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I can't say I have that problem with getting focus. The table model I have has the light and magnification on the same arm and I just look through the lens exactly where I position it. It is easy to position because it's hinged at the base of the arm near the lamp column and again at the lamp/lens.

Are you sure a floor lamp is your best choice, Donna?

Besides putting the light exactly where the focal point is, I can spread my work out on the table and not have the weight of it on me and be able to move parts of it easily.

In addition to using it for handwork, I frequently set it up behind my machine for extra light. My husband liked it so well I had to order him one without the magnifying lens and with a more decor-like finish for his reading chair.

I put a link to what Amazon is showing but my light is an off white.

Here is a link that might be useful: table model with light and lens in the same place

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My Amazon order just arrived - I just ordered it on Wednesday! I put the light together, it appears to be very nice. I will love sitting in the recliner hand stitching - or doing my nails - boy do they look bad magnified!

Rainey, I didn't see that table light - I would have liked that one!

Now you have some choices.

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I have the one magothy river girl got. I'll be interested to see how you like it!

I do hand work on the sofa in front of the TV and I don't have space for a table, which is why I went for the floor model. I haven't tried to use the magnifier recently. When I finish the baby blanket I'm knitting I need to get back to a big cross stitch project, so I'll try it again soon.


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