Who is sewing this weekend? 11/25-11/27

msmeowNovember 26, 2011

I posted this yesterday (or thought I did). Who knows where it went? LOL

Yesterday I made these 2 mug rugs for Sis IL for Christmas.

I also finished the binding on this quilt. The blocks are from a 2008 swap on another forum. I pieced the top earlier this year and got it quilted and bound this week.

I'm hoping to finish my Civil War BOM top this weekend but I feel really crummy. I may end up just reading and napping today.


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Really cute Donna! I WISH I was sewing ... my machine is STILL in the shop. DH did go with me to JoAnns this morning to buy fleece for the middle schoolers at my old school to make 20 blankets for Project Linus. ($2.99 a yard plus 25% off coupon) I tried to go yesterday but was NOT going to wait 3 hours for cutting! Today we were #2 in line so we were in and out in one hour. Considering we needed 40 pieces of fabric cut I thought that was pretty good. Now I just need to trim all the selvage edges off before Thursday.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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No sewing for me yet! We are visiting DD in Columbus but will start home soon. Maybe tomorrow I will get some quilting done.
Linda OH

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Wed. I completed a dress for baby to wear through the holidays, complete with a little embroidery at the neckline. I've also made one patchwork puzzle ball so far for my niece's Christmas present.

I've also run embroidery samples for a project for DH, and tidied up some fabric.

Today I'm cleaning and prepping for a Thanksgiving dinner here tomorrow, but maybe will have time to start on another puzzle ball when things quiet down tonight.

[I might also try to cut out DD2's fleece coat...she might need it next weekend to watch the Christmas parade]

Happy weekend everyone!

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Donna I loved seeing your quilting projects. Thanks for sharing. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Best to you,

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I am! I am working on my Nov Goals and then some.....amazing the freedom you have from 'not doing Thanksgiving'.
I finished the Dress for the Salvation Army Donation bear and Quilt - with a week to spare ~lol.
I am so proud of myself; I used only what I had. The panel & some of the fabric I had bought at an estate sale the Guild held last winter -I paid maybe 50 cents- and the dress and some other fabric Teresa sent to me when she was de-stashing. Thank you again! The muslin and batting I also had. Like Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!" I did!

I also plan to bind the Sno Globe quilt - maybe also the jelly roll quilt.

I need to get some grosgrain ribbon - I don't think I can handle Joann's - heehee - Sue, glad you got thru it - sorry still about your machine.

Donna - cute - nice quilt, and I like the way you made the flying geese solid.

Off to sew some more!

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Donna I really love the flying geese border, gorgeous quilt! I know what you mean about a post disappearing lol!!!

Marsha I love the bear and the quilt!

WOW Sue that is a great deal for fabric!

I'm in a funk today too, I was so busy with the blood rive and Thanksgiving that I'm just worn out. I hope to work on the cat quilt today.

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Now that the overnight guests have left and all the dishes/wine glasses/cooking utensils/chairs/etc. have been returned to their homes, I get to sew.

I pieced a table runner yesterday and sandwiched it. Now I'm running out to get some thread so I can FMQ it. This will be my first experience actually on a quilt. I have a feeling I may be ripping some. We'll see.

I think I may start piecing a baby quilt that I have finished the appliqued blocks for. Or I might try another table runner that I have purchased fabric for. Oh, and I have one more placemat to finish for Christmas.

I think I have done pretty well in finishing projects, but I find I am even better in buying new ones. I can't seem to walk out of a quilt shop without buying a pattern and fabric for something new. I had this same problem with my hosta collection. That's how I ended up with 175 varieties. Oh, well. There are worse addictions, I suppose.

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I'm working on the "Jack" quilt - center done, one corner of rick-rack pinned on, boat fabrics chosen, prairie points were done at Camp Cheerio:

Don't know if I ever posted these hand embroidered images, so here they are. I used images from vintage pattern envelopes and other resources found on the internet. I call them "my old-fashioned girls."

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I am doing odd and ends. I just got thru making a new small ironing board I put by my sewing area for those small press jobs. I fixed a pair of shoes where velour hold hold anymore.
worked on my computer this morning that the screen was completely black I finally had to call the company..I guess when we left for a few days I thought I had shut the computer down aah! brain dead

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I got to do a little hand quilting today--Hope to do more later. I have lots of Christmas presents to work on--hope I can get them all done!

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Jennifer, are you using Jinny Beyer's book for the puzzle balls? I've had the book for a while but haven't tried making any yet.

I got some pieces cut for the CW BOM but ended up napping most of the afternoon. These bugs can really knock you off your feet! At least I got laundry done.


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No sewing for me until the new year. For the first time in years, I put my sewing machine away and we brought out the Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend.(I thought I might make DH pass out!) I decided that I would not do any last minute projects this year. I do have to have something to ward off severe fabric withdrawal, so I think I will start an applique project - I was thinking maybe a Beatrix Potter one. My plan once the Christmas season is over is to do a Shakespeare-in-the-Park, but we'll see - there is a lot of time to change my mind!

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Teresa, The Jack quilt is coming right along! Can't wait to see it finished. Are the vintage illustrations you embroidered for your quilt of childhood memories?
You do such pretty hand work! These girls look like my sister and me as little girls.

Karlene, Shakespeare in the Park is a quilt I would like to make soon. That would be a great quilt along for us to do on the forum - I think many of us have that quilt on our To Do Lists.

Donna, I saw directions for a puzzle ball yesterday on the internet - it was very pretty! Hope you are beat that nasty bug soon and feel better.

I guess we would rather sew than shop this weekend :).

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Shakespeare in the Park is definitely on my list!!! Good idea for a quilt-a-long! Count me in.

I want to be sewing on my Christmas tree skirt made from men's ties, but haven't had a minute to do it yet this weekend. Today we did the outside decorations and started on the patio. Tomorrow we put up trees. I want everything finished by the time my brother gets to town on Friday but don't think that's going to happen.

Tonight we celebrated DH's birthday with dinner at Norman's. OMG, best meal I've had since the last time I ate at Louie's Backyard in Key West.

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Shakespeare in the Park in on my list too!!! I think a quilt-a-long would be a great idea!
Linda OH

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Teresa I like your "Jack" quilt. Love all the variety of colors in it. Thanks for sharing! :-) Well I am sewing this weekend working on a small project. Sewing beads to fabric to make scenes of miniature flower gardens that I am going to frame in 2.5" x 2.5" frames and give as a Christmas present. Then once I get this small project completed I plan to start back quilting. Already have 3 quilts in progress for the 2012 year. And I would like to add some scrap quilts to my quilt projects next year as well. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Best to you,

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Looking at all those gorgeous projects is almost overwhelming. No....nada.......am not sewing for Christmas this year. Perhaps some squeaky dog toys for my Tubby, who can demolish them so rapidly that I buy replacement squeakers by the bag full.

I was going great guns on the hand quilting on the frame. It is at least two thirds done in a couple weeks, but you know how you get bored with the same old, same old? I needed a break so I can be enthused when I go back to it. I promised myself I wasn't going to start any more quilting projects until this one was done. Yeah......sure.

You all did it ..........again. The thread about the 3-D pinwheels. Somebody posted a picture of a project done in denim and, well, you know how that goes. I have been cleaning out drawers and closets and decided to clean my fabric stash by cutting up the denim into blocks. Then one thing led to another and in two days I have about a third of the blocks done for a denim 3-D pinwheel quilts.

Enablers.........all of you.

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Yes, I'm using Jinny Beyer's templates. I don't have the book, but I do know how a few of them go together.

I don't normally like any hand stitching... But these go together fairly quickly. I made 1 each night.
You do need to stuff them very well! I'm using Jinny's cotton stuffing.

see my photos on my Thanksgiving thread.

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I woke up early this morning and used the time to work on the tree skirt. Turns out I used all 32 ties but only had enough to make 1/2 the circle. Since the tree goes against a wall, that should be enough, for this year anyway. I don't have the tree up yet (although that was part of the weekend plan) but I'll post a picture of the skirt in place as soon as I do. In the meantime, you can sort of see it in the background of this picture.

The image shows my 36 year old Christmas tree topper angel. I made her for our first tree and have re-dressed her 3 times in the past. Today she acquired a new dress using the skinny end of the ties. Her wings are a couple of hyacinth parrot feathers. It wouldn't be Christmas without her!


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Oh, she is so sweet, Kate! I have an old angel topper that I made with my MIL's help back in the 1970s when I was still just a young bride. Although I don't put her on the tree anymore, I couldn't trash her and she now resides on a shelf of the secretary along with my nutcrackers in the living room.


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And what a great use for ties!! Who'd'a thought!

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