How to replace carpet in a house occupied for decades.

albert_135September 3, 2012

My whole house needs a new carpet.

My house has probably accumulated ''stuff'' since 1987.

I am old and with temperamental back and weak joints. (Not to mention I'm an easily irritated curmudgeon.) My friends and family are either dead, blind or in institutional assisted living.

I shouldn't waste money but don't need to be tight fisted, yet.

How do I start? Proceed?

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You could hire movers to pack and empty your house (would take them 2-3 days, max). Or you could do it in phases and hire movers to help you stuff the contents of one or 2 rooms into the rest of the house.

Now might be a good time to think about renting a roll off dumpster, though, because getting rid of stuff is really liberating (might reduce your curmudgeonly feelings). And less stuff makes it easier to move furniture and such around.

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Now any careful local teens looking for some money?

Empty one room into another, tear out the carpet, padding, and tack strips, repeat room by room shuffling the room contents around.

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Annie Deighnaugh

You might look for day laborers... they work hard and don't charge a lot and will do whatever you need done. They can help you dumpster-ize stuff you don't want and need anymore and they can act as movers and rip out the old carpet in prep for the new carpeting. I suspect that the carpet isn't the only thing your home needs, so you might want to freshen the paint in the process. They could help with that.

Most likely though, your best bet would be to attack only 1 or 2 rooms at a time to keep the project manageable.

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You might consider checking with your church, or churches in your area, to see if they have a church bulletin that has advertisers of small businesses such as movers and handyman type of businesses. Often they church may also have social service programs that have people who want to volunteer to help in the community. They might be eager to offer you help in the packing and moving.

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Just recarpeted a room through local Lowe's store. They quoted a per square foot charge if I wanted them to move the furniture etc. I believe the cost was .30 per square foot. Might check with installers to see if this is an option for you.

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checking with local churches is a good idea. they might know of some guy who is out of work - or needs extra work.

Also, any college guys around who need work to help with school costs? Again, the churches might know of a few.

shoot - I thought you were describing me in your post!

I did find a local guy (young) to do work for me and he is very, very reasonable and a very good worker! I'd share him with you if you lived by me. He also does work for my sister and BIL. We're all getting up there in yrs and our bodies aren't taking kindly to some of the gymnastics needed for most home repair/upkeep jobs.

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