long door knob latch bolt or strike plate spacers

jmorrowSeptember 15, 2011

I need help! remodeling a room

almost finished but we just realized

that 1 door frame is warped on the

side where the knob is. it bows out

in the center so the door knob bolt

won't hit the striker plate. its too late

to redo it, so does anyone know if

any companies make an extra long

(maybe 3/ 8 longer than normal)

bolt? or spacers for the strike plate?

I could make a spacer, but I thought

maybe someone might make one a

little prettier than I could make LOL.

I would very much prefer a long bolt

as it wouldn't be noticeable like a

spaced out plate. I've looked around

and can't find anything, I hope

someone here can help. thanks!

can you make the bolt from a deadbolt work with a regular knob? if so that would be OK, it's just a closet door.

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Why not just pull off the trim and shim the jamb so that it's flat?

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nobody makes something like that because nobody would do that. and i agree with mike its the easiest fix. if you have 2 3/8 back set and get 2 3/4 backset bolt and try to get it to work but it still would look like ?hit.

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