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grannieofgirlsOctober 25, 2011

This is such a great place to learn! I'm usually over at KT but needed some inspiration from you all. I'm redoing my quilt/craft room and want to put up a "wall" to hang my blocks to check colors, size, etc. Do you have any ideas on how big I should make it, what fabric to use (flannel, batting?) What to make it out of? Anything you could share would really be appreciated.

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Welcome, grannie. I'm using an inexpensive flannel backed tablecloth tacked to 2 hinged (by duct tape) 24" x 72" pieces of plywood, making it 48" x 72". Hinged so I can fold it up. I can also use the other side for sandwiching the quilt with the flannel side on the kitchen table....no scratches.


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A lot depends on the size you have to hang it on. I now have room for a 4'x8' area so bought a sheet of foam insulation and covered it with batting and hung that up. I'd always used a flannel backed tablecloth like Sharon but I like this better as I can stick pins into it as well. I had a big enough space to screw it to the wall but I realize many don't.

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Right now I use the floor, but am fixing to redo my sewing room and will have a foam insulation board like toolgranny. I'm going to try 2 together, hinged with duct tape so it will stand.


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I have no wall space for a design wall, so I made a collapsable one with pvc pipe and felt. It could be made for any specific size, but mine can hold almost a queen-sized quilt.

I tried a flannel backed tablecloth and always found that my blocks never stuck to it. Maybe there's a question of 'quality'? I don't know.

I have seen and like the insulation board, and a friend of mine uses that covered in a thin batting. It works very well.

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I have 2 pieces of flannel sewn side by side (I think it's 54" wide so this gives me approx. 110-112" width). I have it hung on a curtain rod that goes over the top of the closet door in the sewing room. When I need it, I just pull it over the closet like a curtain; when I don't need it (which is most of the time) it's pushed back against the wall like an open curtain.

I have to pin things to the flannel; I find they don't stick very well, but that could be because I don't have a solid backing. But, I also have no wall space, so this works for me.


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Wow, I don't have a problem with fabric sticking to my flannel backed tablecloth. Jen, Quality? LOL....dollar store. @:)


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Hi grannieofgirls,

You asked how large to make your design wall - I would make it as large as you can. My first design wall was 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall. I made it out of 3/4 inch styrofoam panels (2 panels that were each 8 feet x 4 feet). I cut the panels down to the size of my wall. I covered them with extra wide flannel (that I bought at WalMart). I had planned to hang it, but it was so large that it could just sit on the ground and lean against the wall. I liked having styrofoam because I can pin things to the board (layers of fabric) if I want to use it that way, or I can just put one layer up without pins - it's versatile.

So, to answer your questions, I'd recommend big, styrofoam and flannel.

Good luck and let us know if your have questions along the way.


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Great ideas..........all!

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Wow! What great ideas.... So I think I'll go with the styrofoam, love the idea of being able to pin to it. Nothing wrong at all with the other advise, maybe I'll go to those if this isn't working the way I had planned. I'm thinkin' I'll be hanging around this forum for quite awhile! You all are so very helpful...thank you :)

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Mine is a flannel backed vinyl table cloth ($0.69 at Goodwill!) that I hang over the closet door. It works for me but I like the idea of the styrofoam so I could pin pieces to it.


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I'm loving all these ideas!! I have a great area to do my sewing, but nowhere to put up anything. I love the styrofoam idea. My dh will be at Lowes selling Boy Scout popcorn on Saturday, so I'm going to have him pick me up a sheet or two. I even spent a little time last night cleaning off my tables, so it looks a bit neater when you walk by.


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