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lynnie_momAugust 18, 2006

Will try to be brief. (ok, failed miserably)

Had tile removed from house and terrazzo restored all by same guy, Joshua (his crew of young inexperienced people). We gave him a 50% payment. It cost almost that much to remove tile and carpet.

The terrazzo looks awful. It is not even, it was not patched everywhere, there are still lots of stains, and it does not look glazed and shiny. Two other terrazzo guys have since seen it, think the glazing was sub-par, and one said for sure he doesn't think the guy did the grinding the right way.

Also, after they were "done" with floor, they dropped bronze colored acid stain in several areas, resulting in at least 8 bronze splotches, in noticeable areas, on the cream colored terrazzo. They did not try to clean that up.

Plus, the big machine made several large holes in the walls and door jambs, which cost us money to repair. And, the delay is forcing us to remain out of our house, with two young children.

He admitted to the bronze stains, and at one point says he will try to get them out, but says the rest is as good as it will get.

Other floor guys say it could and should be better. So does our GC (who did not hire him by the way).

Does anyone know if we have to give him another chance to make it right ? I don't know that I want his shoddy workers in the house again.

Don't want to pay him the rest of the bid, and then have to dish out the same amount to someone else to make it right, but am afraid he will try to sue for the rest of the payment if we don't pay him.

We don't expect perfection, but our all of our friends who have restored terrazzo have MUCH better looking floors, and no newly added bronze acid stains to boot.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as we need to figure out what to do so we know when we can move back into our house.

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If you post this on the flooring forum you will probably get some quick help from one or more the experts on the site--they are great and very knowledgable.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Bill Vincent is the tile flooring expert. Just search his name and you'll find the threads he's offered advice in.

I'm sure he can offer you some constructive advice on how to pursue a fix, if possible.


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"Does anyone know if we have to give him another chance to make it right ? I don't know that I want his shoddy workers in the house again."

This depends on the state you are in. My state is NOT a "right to repair" state. We do not have to allow a shoddy worker to come back and "fix" what they have already proven they are not capable of doing right the first time.

What state are you in?

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I am having the same kind of problems with my terrazzo restoration job - my white portland cement terrazzo with blue/gray and taupe marble chips is still stained and dirty looking despite sanding and treating with chemicals. Work has been going on (off and on - the crew shows up for a few days then dissapears for days or even weeks) since the beginning of November. I have divits where they drilled out holes that have not been refilled and whole sections that have barely been worked on, two places where they have not even cut the nail heads off yet! This mess is delaying my whole kitchen restoration. I really want beautiful restored terrazzo floors, but this is maddening! Also, this is the only outfit in town that sands and restores terrazzo.

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I was unaware that there are states in which the consumer does not have to give a contractor the right to 'make it right'...I always thought that the concept was an irrevocable part of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Very interesting!

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Lynn-- I'd be surprised if they can get those bronze stains out, if they were made on the raw terrazzo. Good chance that got into the pores of the terrazzo and it goes all the way thru. As for how they refinished, it should NOT have been sanded, but rather "stoned". The same machines they use to finish terrazzo when first poured, should be used to refinish it, and these machines have several carborundum stones on the bottom which grind down the top layer of the floor to show new terrazzo. If this isn't what they did, then these guys are doing it wrong to start with.

As for whether or not you have to let them back in to repair their work, I would strongly suggest getting in touch with an attorney, and ask him. Personally, I'm with you-- someone comes in and not only does THEIR job improperly, but then also destroys other finishes in my house-- that's the last time they see the inside of it!!

Just out of curiosity, did you ask for a liability insurance certificate before they began?

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This is in response to Lynnie Mom's original post.
I hired a company to restore my terrazzo floors and I think it's the same one. Is it AG Agencies in Hallandale Florida. I hired Joshua and he ruined my terrazzo floors and doesn't want to finish the job - I'm furious! Please let me know.


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This is in response to Lynnie Mom's original post about the terrrazzo nightmare. I live in Miami, Florida and I think I hired the same company to restore my terrazzo floors. Is it AF Agencies in Hallandale Florida. I hired this guy named Joshua and he ruined my terrazzo floors and doesn't want to finish the job - I'm furious and want to sue him. He had this young guy blast holes througout the floor and other terrazzo companies say it's the worst job they've ever seen! Please let me know.

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BBB and take him to Civil Court. You never give somebody 50% up front. Should never ever be more than 4 draws.

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I am definitely filing a claim with the BBB on this company, AF Agencies in Hallandale, Florida. I got them to come back out today to re-assess the damage they had caused. The owner ( Joshua ) tried to convince me I should forget about finishing the terrazzo restoration job at this point. I told him his worker ruined my floors by chipping hundreds of holes in it with his 'jackhammer' machine and that's when his worker began shouting profanities at me and spitting in my face, I thought he was going to hit me. The worker said he did his job and the holes couldn't be avoided. Over this past weekend I had another reputable (more expensive) company come out to look at the job and the owner said the holes could have been avoided and workers should be more careful when it costs $20,000 to pour new terrazzo floors. He also said AF Agencies (Joshua) should have either been more careful with the machine when removing the tiles or have done it by hand. I am now making AF Agencies fill all of his hundreds of holes they created with terrazzo per our contract...we will see what happens but I know he can't make it look good. I can't afford to do anymore work and just wish he didn't ruin my floors. I paid the first half of the bill up front and I don't think I should have to pay a dime more.

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I'm sorry to hear what you had to go through... These types of companies (Hacks) is what gives our industry a black eye.

Here is a link that might be useful: We Do Floors,Llc

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And advertising on this site when it's not allowed is a sign of low class as well, Hoboal!

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sierraeast, Advertising was not my intent when replying to this post.....

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