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giro1900November 3, 2009

We will be putting our home up for sale in several months. The home is valued at about $300,000 which is entry level for this area. The home is 11 years old and has original white appliances (all in relatively good condition). We were wondering whether to leave them or spend up to $3000 on a somewhat entry level stainless steal package of appliances.

Personally, I would want to buy my own appliances when moving into a home; but the issue is whether the home would be easier to sell with new appliances?

Any thoughts?


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Absolutely. The appliances are past the end of their expected life cycle. Replace them, it allows you to offer a warranty when you sell. It could mean the difference between your house and another one especially since applicances are very important to entry level or first time home buyers

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I'd replace at least some if you can afford it. What all are you planning on leaving? In our area, the washer/dryer and refrigerator all go with the seller unless specified in the contract. Only the dishwasher and stove/oven and possibly a built in microwave stay for the buyer. I think you may be able to get by with a lot less than $3000, but then again, prices may be less expensive in my area. Also, some of the black appliances look as nice or nicer than stainless and they cost a little less.

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As with the previous poster, adellabedella, in our area all unattached appliances go with the seller unless specified. I've sold 6 houses in my lifetime and never replaced any appliances prior to listing. Instead I've devoted my time and energy to making sure that the house was in good repair, clean, cleaner, cleanest AND uncluttered. People tend Not to be able to look past dirt, clutter or disrepair. My last house that sold just under 2 years ago was built in 1918, every ding was repaired, furniture was arranged to maximize the appeal of the craftsmanship of the house and you could eat of the basement floor. It sold in 21 days and our market was getting pretty soft at that time. I'd leave the appliances alone , spend your time , energy and money elsewhere in the house. When someone shows interest by making an offer, that's when to deal, not now. Some people don't like stainless steel, fingerprints and all, so you may be turning off a potential buyer, as another poster said, I 'd like to choose my own. Good luck!

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^^^^^" I'd leave the appliances alone , spend your time , energy and money elsewhere in the house."

I agree 100%!

Plus, I'd rather choose my own... especially since I do not like stainless.

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I'm a "mortgagee in possession" exercising power of sale after evicting the occupants. Five year old 3334 sf home in subdivision of similar homes. A depressing mess. But no deliberate damage. Two weeks of a new pro paint job, steam cleaning carpets, many loads of trash removed. A world of difference.

I was worried about no appliances. Nevertheless, I've gotten two offers after a day on the market and a third promised. We're already over the formal appraisals.

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Four offers in the first two days after listing. I accepted the second highest--as the closing was one month earlier. Appraised at $500K-$505K. Sold for $533K.

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I have never seen anyone turn down the home they want because of the appliances. I too prefer to buy my own and I don't care for SS.

Yes, concentrate elsewhere. Make sure the yard has good appeal too. Our neighbor's lost just about all their potential showings when people did their "drivebys". Yikes...whatta mess!

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