Quilters' 'vitamins'

teresa_nc7October 13, 2010

I just opened a pack of peanut M&Ms - a treat from one of the quilters at the retreat - and found a note on the back labeled "quilters' vitamins" - " take one or two tablets to relieve backache, eyestrain and pain caused by overuse of hand and wrist, etc. Vitamins are also helpful in relieving needle sticks and the frustration of rotary cutters that don't cut straight. These vitamins promote mathematical accuracy and the mental acuity necessary for setting perfect points. Side effects include the inability to resist a new pattern or notion, increased appetite for fat quarters, and a sudden loss of storage space. Avoid prolonged exposure to "End of Bolt" sales during the use of this product. Not recommended for anyone who completes more than 6 quilts a week." LOL!

Sorry Jennifer, but you can't take these "vitamins" - especially since you are in that "delicate" condition! LOL! (I lose track of how many quilts she completes at our retreats!)

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Teresa, I love it! I knew those peanut M&Ms were making me feel better! LOL


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Too late, Teresa! I took those vitamins on my trip home! LOL

And I didn't really complete that many quilts at retreat this year. One top (tessallating kitties) minus the borders; binding sewn on another (completed last retreat); 2 pairs pj bottoms; 1 pillow case; 1 block for camp quilt, and 10 one-block quilts (but then these were only 2" each)

Doesn't seem really that productive... guess I have high standards!

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Another reason to feed my chocolate addiction! Love it, LOL!!

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Teresa, Uh-oh....I see Quilter's Vitimins in my future. lol

Yes, Jennifer, you make high standards for yourself! You're a go-getter, that's for sure!


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What a concept...I like it!

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I was the one who brought the Quilter's Vitamins. Can't take total credit for the idea. Several years ago someone in a quilting class handed something similar out to all of us in the class. I thought it was really cute then -- so glad you enjoyed them!

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Thank you, Jeanne! I enjoyed my "vitamins" and felt sooooo good afterwards!


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Yes, thank you Jeanne. I'm feeling so much better already.

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Well, that explains a lot. Tim ate mine.


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Rip hadn't eaten them yet, so I got them from the goodie bag to see what it said,and had a good chuckle. Very clever. Think I'll save it for my group here in FL as a welcome back treat.

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simple pleasures!!! lol

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