Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do

amateurplumberJuly 25, 2014

Hey all...I am remodeling my shower and have run into a problem. The subfloor was rotted so I removed it and am adding a new subfloor. I bought the plywood, and planned to put a nailing edge on the left and right sides where the old plywood sticks out slightly to put the new plywood on.

HOWEVER, I am worried about the left and right walls. Since I've cut the plywood, I am worried that they dont have enough support. Underneath them is just an empty space; the joists to the left and right side of the left and right walls, respectively, are a few inches away. How can I support the walls better? Here is an image of what I'm talking about (I know the idiots cut the joist to fit the drain; I plan on sistering it): https://i.imgur.com/yXxcZZf.jpg

Thanks SO much!

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Can you access the next joist over in each direction? Is this going to be a tile base or prefabricated of some sort?

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I think I can if I remove the ceiling of the floor below, which I have to anyway. I am using the kerdi schluter preformed foam pan, and will then put tile on top of that.

Someone told me to just screw a 2x6 into the base of the frame of both walls, then screw the plywood into that and use it as a nailing edge. Would that work?

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Im not going to say it won't work, but I wouldn't want to chance the tile cracking because of movement/ sagging underneath the shower pan later on. If you can remove the ceiling below I would put in some blocking between the two joist @ 16" on center. This should give you plenty of support for your tile pan.

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Your wall framing is fine; fugetaboudit, however, your center floor joist has been seriously compromised by the chew marks near the drain. I'd sister a new joist next to it which shouldn't be a problem if you're going to open the ceiling below anyway.

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A link would help.

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