Computer Crash

grammypOctober 23, 2012

Once again my poor OLD laptop has crashed. I tried for hours yesterday to revive it. DH tried when he got home, but it was useless. Looks like the power supply may be going, and the graphics card may be out, too. I have resurrected an old netbook, but it is small and slow and hard to use. I will take it to the doctor tomorrow on my way to work, but if it costs too much we will just bury it. It is 9 years old and may not be worth the cost to fix it. We can order a device and convert the hard drive to a USB and get the data off, so we may do that. If you don't hear much from me for a while, please don't worry.


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Oh Beverly! That is so frustrating. I am sorry and know what you are going through - seems like it happens with older computers - and the price of new ones make it hard to justify spending very much to fix an ailing older model. (Thank goodness we don't think that way about people - although I suppose some people do).

Good luck and we will keep our eyes out for you!

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So sorry. We just got a recall notice on the hard drive to our big desk top mac. I love my big screen, but it's going to be even harder to get it back to the store than it was to haul it out. Our apple store is in a big mall and a ways from the parking lot. Naturally we didn't save the box after the move!

Hope that if it isn't revivable for you there's a fun new toy in your life ;-) Isn't it amazing how something we didn't have for so long has become so important in our daily lives. Kinda like getting snowed in when you can't instantly communicate with others.

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My Toshiba computer was 10+ years. It was slow and I decided to replace it before I lost everything.

Such a pain in the butt to reload everything. I am still transferring embroidery designs. I need to spend an entire weekend to get it all moved. But I would rather quilt and garden lol!!!!

Come back soon Beverly!!

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