Foot control or sewing machine?

buteau3rdSeptember 29, 2013

I have a Singer touch and Sew 603 that has been sitting for a long while. It has been thoroughly cleaned and oiled. The problem is that it won't start til the foot control is pushed almost all the way, then takes off like a bandit....... then if I let up on the control, it will sew at a very nice smooth, slow pace.
I'm thinking it is the control not the machine??.........any thoughts?

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My first thought would be the foot control. I had to replace the one to my old singer and now it sews like a champ. There was a little rubber bulb that had just worn out.


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Sounds like a mucked up foot pedal. Maybe has some threads or dust inside...perhaps even a mouse or snake made a home in there while it was idling??? lol

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I agree, just foot control. You might be able to clean it out yourself as they are very simple inside. If not, just order a new one.

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I say to send the foot control to Jennifer or ToolGranny. lol...not really. I don't have a clue, but it sure is nice to see you posting, Marge. :-)


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You can send it my way...I don't mind tinkering and taking apart other people's stuff! lol

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I do remember taking a foot control apart that belonged to my 1935 FW, my big mistake. Cleaned out the lint and dust....when I tried to put the top and bottom back was impossible for me, because there were some moveable pieces that had to match up with other moveable pieces........... bought a new one!
I'm very excited that I have found an older former Singer "guy" that has agreed to look at the machine and cord tomorrow!.......AND he said that if it is the cord, he will fix it while I wait! WHOOPIE!!.....pure luck.

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Took the machine to the shop and within 20 minutes he had taken the control apart, fixed it , and we were on our way. The charge was $15.00!
It is so nice that these guys ARE still around!

Thank you all for the responses and knowledge!
The help available on this forum is unbelievable!

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That's great! Glad to hear it's up and running for a very reasonable price.

The guy I take mine to usually needs a couple of weeks to get to it. And the shop is far from my house. (Okay, I'm done whining.)


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