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mary_c_gwSeptember 21, 2011

We have a neighborhood email group (neighborhood is small). Someone I know a bit just posted she's going to miss the deadline (Oct. 1) for getting her needlepoint Christmas stocking into the shop for finishing. Did anyone know of anybody who could do this job!??

I almost died laughing. I was the needlepoint finisher for that shop for 10 years. I still have some supplies, welt cord, decorative metallic cords, and some scraps of the cotton velvets that the shop felt were too small to take back, but may just be big enough to make a stocking.

I've got no clue what to charge anymore - I retired 4 years ago. Ah, well, it'll depend on whether she wants to use something from my very small selection, or go buy her own.

I can do one stocking for a friend, but then I'm going to tell her to NEVER tell her friends, LOL. I don't want to be back in business.

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What a small world that someone in your neighborhood needs exactly one of the skills that you have! That's pretty cool and even better that you would do it even though you aren't crazy about the idea. I'm sure she'll be thrilled no matter what you charge her!

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I agree w/K8. You could probably go 10-20% above 4yrs ago & be close to current pricing. Regardless of price, she will be thrilled to have the finished project instead of a UFO! I imagine it's a stocking for someone special to her - that's a lot of work!
So nice of you to do it!

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I have no idea what to charge, but what a great neighbor you are.


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Since you don't want to be in business again, suggest that she donate what she would pay you to a local charity in your name. With the devastating fires, there must be a huge need. That would send the message that you do not want to be back in business, but you are helping out a neighbor, this one time! It might be fun to finish another stocking, and it will remind you why you retired!

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I wish you were my neighbor Mary lol!

Please post a pic of the finished stocking. I love needlepoint but it gives me a headache from eye strain.


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Oh, I'll try to remember to post a photo, but it's going to be in early November.

She doesn't expect to be done stitching until Oct. 15. Blocking takes a few days to really set the stitching. I have stepson and his daughter in from Japan at the end of Oct. for nine days, along with my wife-in-law and her DH for four days. (Wife-in-law would be DH's former wife. We like each other a lot.)

Tomorrow I will see the stocking, and we'll decide on lining fabric and cording choice. She has ultrasuede for the backing, but depending on how heavy it is, I may need to interline it.

And also tomorrow, I need to find an inflatable bed for DS's former bedroom. I don't want a permanent bed there, but I can't put the wife-in-law on the floor, LOL. I've borrowed a really good one with an internal frame, double high, which plugged into an ordinary outlet to inflate. Of course, those neighbors have moved!

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Mary you are so funny! I admire that you can be friends with the wife in law. One of my sisters has a similar friendship. It takes a mature attitude!

I have an inflatable bed and I was surprised that they are as comfortable as they are.

The ones in the sports section are cheaper than the ones in the bed depatrments for some strange reason.

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Ah, well, by the time I met DH they'd been divorced for more than 10 years. She was re-married for 9 of those years. What's left to fight about? The first time the children visited and met me (at 10 and 13 y-o), she called as soon as they got home from the 3 week visit, and told me how much they had enjoyed it. She's a gracious woman.

So DH and I have been together for 31 years, wife-in-law and her DH have been together for 40. Clearly we all ended up with the right person!

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Mary, I remember the beautiful quilt that you made for your wife-in-law a few years ago. I hope you have a nice visit with them and if you lived in the same city I'd lend you our aero bed, Queen size, raised, plug in air mattress. It's quite comfortable! Good luck with all that you have on your plate.


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