Why oh why...

rivkadrMay 8, 2010

...do people paint over hinges on doors? I'm repainting all our interior doors, and there were literally 5 layers of paint covering the screws and hinges. It took me forever just to get 3 doors taken down (learned one thing: if you leave the remover stuff on the screws over night, it's really easy to scrape the paint out of the screws in the morning).

I understand that it's easier to just paint over everything, but frankly, I think it looks ugly, and 20 years down the road when someone wants to remove that door, it's a pain in the ***!

Wish I could afford to just replace the doors, frames and all, but that's not in the cards right now.

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You know the answer to why people paint over hinges - LAZY.

My way for removing paint from hinges, screws, anything small and metal is to boil it in a pan of water with a dash of baking soda thrown in. Paint comes off within minutes....and water is cheaper than the stripper stuff.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I stripped about half the hinges on my 15 interior doors with about 80 years of paint on them and finally broke down and bought original solid brass ones. Saved a whole lot of work!

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Yeah, we're buying new hinges, too. But stripping the paint down enough to even get to the screws to be able to unscrew them from the door/frame has been a huge hassle so far. We've done 3 doors so far -- have another 13 to go...

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In the same category comes painting over wallpaper.

Once I had a crew renoing a house. After one guy spent a morning scraping the walls with little progress, I sent him to lunch. I then had others tear the wall down to the studs. When the first guy returned, his face fell--all his work for naught. It was a lesson for me.

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Variation of lido's method.

I use a crock pot with a disposable liner. Just toss the pieces in and let them sit for an hour or so. Cleanup is a breeze. Also, you don't have to worry about random lead paint flakes in your cookware.

To just get the screws out, I scrape the bulk of the paint off of the head of the screw so that you can just see the slot. Then, I use a razor blade to chip the paint out of the slot. Then, instead of a normal screw driver, I use a really thin bit. If you lean into it, the bit will bite down in the slot enough for to turn the screw.

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A utility knife cleans out the screw slots.

One problem with boiling hardware to strip paint is brass plated steel hinges.

The plating is very thin with many defects.
These things start to show rust spots through the plating after a few years.
Boiling them in water can really speed things up.

Add to that any scratches in the painting inside the knuckle from driving the hinge pin in and out, and you are looking at squeaky hinges when you re-install them.

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Thanks for the baking soda tip, lido.

One tip I can add for handling painted-over slotted screws is to sort of tap the screwdriver in from one side. Hold the driver tip at a slight downward angle on an outside edge of (where you think) the slot starts, then tap it inward (on the side of the tip) to simultaneously plow into the slot and scrape out the paint. If you get the right angle and tap just right, the tip will end up at the bottom of the slot.

On real bad ones, I'll "plow" in twice, once from each side, and then of course push like crazy and keep your fingers crossed.

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