Florida applique

rosajoe_gwSeptember 16, 2010

Finally after weeks of gremlins on GW I am having a GREAT day lol!!!!

I received a pamphlet for the Georgia Quilt Show, no clue how I got on their list!

Thumbing thru it I see a class for 'Florida Applique' taught by Barbie Swanson. I have never heard of this, has anyone else, is it new????????


Here is a link that might be useful: FloridaApplique

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never heard of this type, but just reading the description it sounds like more work than I would want to do. I struggled enough with the Hawiian pattern, and that was enough!

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It looks like normal applique to me. It's done like Hawaiian patterns so guess someone just put their name on it. Go for it.

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In the photo it looks like it's machine satin-stitched down, which would be a huge difference from Hawaiian quilting that is all hand done.

Rosa, do you go to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expos? If so, that's how you got on the mailing list! LOL


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