How do you patch hole in ceiling?

beenie130April 25, 2006

There was a water leak caused by a previous remodel where a nail punctured a capped heating pipe. When we did work on the house it jiggled the pipe and broke the seal. Anyway the contractor needed to open up the ceiling a bit to figure it all out. It is probably 8" wide in spots and irregularly shaped. The contractor should be coming by at some point but I was thinking of doing it myself because I am sick of looking at it as we eat dinner every night. It appears that the ceiling is drywall with joint compound over it. There is no insulation in the ceiling. How do I plug the hole securely?


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Several ways. The easiest way to find which patch you would like to try is to buy a DIY book---Home Depot/Lowe's/etc---will have one or more. In the right book will be pictures and descriptions on various patching methods.

Most will require making the current hole larger or square and installing some kind of backing for the patch if you have to make the hole much bigger than it is now.

Once the patch is installed, you can refinish the area---those instructions will also be given in the book.

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If you have high expectations that it look perfect but no drywall experience, I'd wait for the contractor. In the meantime, tape a piece of white paper over the hole and you'll stop noticing it until it can get fixed. I know it doesn't answer your question, but it does fix the problem. Just don't forget forever and leave it for the folks who live in your house the folks we bought from did....

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Thanks to you both. I think I will try the paper thing first!!! Hopefully the contractor will be here in the next few weeks.

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Cut a patch piece just a little bit bigger than the hole. Make it rectangular for simplicity.

Place the patch piece over the hole and while holding in place, trace out the outline of the patch piece.

Secure the patch piece in by slipping pieces of plywood under the existing edge and securing the existing drywall to the plywood. Let the plywood stick out from the edge a few inches so you have a place to fasten the patch piece.

Secure the patch piece on with drywall screws. Now the patch piece and the existing edge are both secured to the plywood pieces.

Tape and finish this. Use the butt joint technique shown at the link below. Take your time and you can make this look fairly good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finishing a butt joint

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Oh, I forgot the step! After you trace the outline, you cut your hole to the size of the patch piece.

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Thanks drywall diy guy! Great info. Will let you know if I tackle this project and how it comes out!

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stillalmostdone, just wanted to let you know that the paper is doing the trick. I might almost forget to get it fixed! Thanks.

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Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I learned to patch the hole. My contractor fixed one hole and I learned from him. Basically exactly how drywall DIY guy outlined is how I did it. It helped to see it done in person. Now I am fairly confident I could do it again.


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