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OliviolaSeptember 30, 2012

Hi, I just joined this forum to ask a question. I have made a speCial quilt for my daughter's baby that is due in october. It is an around the world quilt using six inch blocks that are seven blocks wide and nine blocks long. On the back I made it symmetrical with a twenty inch square block in the center that had four attic windows with small birds in fabric in the window. The lady that was going to quilt it for me said that I should make the back three inches bigger all around than the front, which I did. I had a block below the middle block and one above which each had large birds in it.

Here's the problem: she didn't take three inches off each end but started with the front and back flush which made six inches hanging off one end which makes it look lopsided because you can tell it was meant to be symmetrical. She told me when I went to pick it up that she was afraid I would be disappointed. She said she could have moved it up three inches if "she had just thought".

Can anyone think of a way to fix this? If I added another row of blocks on the top side, it wouldn't be symmetrical on that side unless I added another row on the other side. Does anyone know how well it would work to add batting where it has been cut? Doesn't the batting show that it is not connected? It is a very thin natural cotton batting.

I don't think there is an answer to fix this. I guess I am just hoping.



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If you used fusible interfacing strips to attach the added on batting to the batting in the quilt, I don't think it will be noticeable. Buy lightweight fusible interfacing at a store that sells sewing supplies. Cut strips about 1 1/2-inches wide. Butt up the added batting against the straight edge of the quilt batting. Lay down a strip of fusible interfacing over the seam. Iron with a medium hot iron or whatever temp the directions of the fusible interfacing specify. Continue to lay strips of the interfacing down the seam of the batting pieces joined together.

You don't sew the batting pieces on the machine - they will be joined by the fusible interfacing. Ask your quilter to quilt the area of the new batting if needed - she owes you that much.


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Ouch. I don't see how anything extra you can add in the way of blocks on the back would let the front remain symmetrical if it is an around the world pattern. It will throw off the center of the pattern. Not a good trade off to even up the back. Short of removing all the quilting stitches and starting over, I can't see how it can be fixed.

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Teresa's right. It's easy to add batting. We all put batting together this way. The extra rows of blocks are the only way to get it back to center. Then make her fill in the quilting.

And, find a new quilter for the next one.

Welcome to our group. Show us pictures when you are done. We love to see your projects.

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I can see how to square up the back, and agree, adding batting is not an issue or hard to do. But, unless I am not thinking straight...........making the bird design square on the back will mess up the pattern on the front. There is a distinct centre to a 'round the world' pattern, and unless blocks are added equally all the way around that centre, it will make it assymetrical on the front of the quilt. If you add another row of blocks to make the front symmetrical, the back is again assymetrical. It won't magically ever make both centres align. One is always going to be off.

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If I understand the problem correctly, the 20" center medallion is now 3" higher than it should be on the back, making the Attic window block not in the middle of the quilt after you bind the quilt, but you have 3" extra on the bottom of the "new center' of the quilt.
If this is the case, I would hand applique the baby's name in that space to visually make it part of the 20" intended center focal point. You could also choose to make a pretty label to fill that space - again to extend the main focal square, tricking the eye.
If the extra space is on the side instead of the bottom, I would do the same thing, but on the side of the Block.

Whatever you do, the front is the main quilt, and you should not compromise the design of the front, in order to improve the back. Are you happy with the rest of the quilting?

I agree with toolgranny, find a new quilter. I would be very concerned that the quilt is not square after quilting, because she did not load the quilt correctly if this quilt was longarm quilted.

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Yes, don't worry so much about the back of the quilt. It can be off center, a bit "wonky" or whatever you need to do to make it the right size.

Why don't you make a few more of the squares used on the front from the Trip Around the World, sew 3 or 5 of those together (always an odd number) and add it to the back as an accent. It will look like you "meant for it to be that way." In the last couple of years, I've started adding blocks to the back that repeat the front design or just use strips of fabric sewn together for accent.

Take a look a those on the link.


Here is a link that might be useful: images of quilt backs with pieced blocks

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I agree with Teresa and others - you will never get both the back and front symmetrical without removing all the quilting and starting over.

Either finish and enjoy it as is or add something in the "empty" space.

If you don't tell anyone the blocks on the back were supposed to be in the center, no one will ever know!


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Hi everyone,

I really appreciate all the feedback. I just typed in a long reply and lost it. My 2+ grandson has been here all day and I have just now had a chance to reply.

Y'all have been so helpful. I now know I can do the batting but may need more help on that later.

Here's what I plan to do: add two more rows on the front side making it nine by nine blocks (six inches square) and then add a strip on the back. I will add the baby's name or pictures to that strip if I can figure it out. She won't tell me the name yet. It won't matter that the strip is added as long as the rest of it looks symmetrical.

I'll send pictures when I figure out how to do that. I may wait until after the oct. 7 shower to finish. My daughter, the pregnant recipient, may have ideas. She is very creative(I'm not). Her baby is due oct. 20. I better get busy.

I can't thank you quilters enough. I can't sleep at night and have to sleep in the daytime. That's the reason for my late night postl

Any more ideas are always appreciated. I love this forum.


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Just remember....the baby isn't going to care one wit that the back is not symmetrical and we will call off the quilt police for you this time! LOL!


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I can't help with the quilt, but can suggest help with the sleep. LOL I watch an episode of "As Time Goes By" with Judy Dench right before I go to bed. It is so calming and funny that all the other thoughts racing through my head from the day leave. I go to bed and fall right asleep! My husband is so Lionel and I am so Judy, we can really relate. If you watch it, you have to start with the first episode so you understand the premise. I've watch each episode dozens of times this way and know every line.

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Thanks Teresa, but the quilt police are sometimes in my head w/o anyone saying a word. I will manage to get pictures to the forum soon. I have to learn a little.

Bev, I will take a look at those videos soon. I looked at them for just a minute, but didn't have time to really know how much I liked them right now. However, my sleep problems are all caused by so much health problems which I was working on a little at a time. Then this quilt making came up suddenly and I had to stop. I appreciate that advice and I will try those videos simply for the fact that laughing is good medicine.

Thank you all very much. I suppose I will need to start a new topic if I come back about my quilt problem? I'll try to reread the rules to find out.

Thanks everyone.

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Oliviola~sorry about your health problems~allow the quilting to be your de-stress medicine and enjoy the process. Soon you will be dreaming quilting patterns in technicolor!

As far as reposting, as long as the question, comments, problems are still about this quilt or loosely related, do not start a new topic. Even if you want to make a comment a month from now-find this and add to it if you want. It keeps the information in one place about this subject.
Now to confuse you :)-if you finish the quilt and want to announce it with a picture - by all means Start a new subject for everyone to see.

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Sorry I'm late to this group of messages! What an interesting question!

First of all, welcome to the forum. One of the best things about a friendly forum is that you can visit it anytime of the day or night - whatever works for you. I got involved here shortly after my mother passed and I was having trouble sleeping. Now if I'm awake and can't get back to sleep at night, this is a place I visit because there's always something to read to take my mind off whatever is keeping me awake.

Now, about your quilt: I think you've hit on a great solution. An extra row or two on the front to even out the back and a bit on the back with whatever design or information you want to add. Lots of modern quilts do asymetrical backing patterns as part of their design so you'll be right in fashion!

Take care and come back to visit the forum often. (Watch out, it quickly becomes a daily habit!) Comment often because we all like to have our posts acknowledged.

If you need guidance for posting pictures, let us know because we can help with that too.


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Thanks to all of you. I've learned a lot already and will come back for more questions. Thanks for explaining how it should be done on this forum.


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