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fincheloverAugust 9, 2011

Is their fabric descent or is it like Walmart some good and some not. I have never purchased their material and I want to try theirs out if its worth it.

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I've bought a few pieces from HL and thought it was just fine for what I needed. It's not Moda or other quilt shop quality, but since it is our only shop in town, I was glad to have just about anything. And, I have experienced very nice, knowledgeable salespeople in that department.


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This is a judgment you'll have to make for yourself. My Walmart (no Hobby Lobby close) has both pretty good and really bad fabrics. Your Hobby Lobby will probably be about the same. Sometimes they will have pretty darn good stuff inexpensively, but more often than not it will be cheap fabric at cheap prices.

Personally, I put too much effort into quilts to buy "cheap" quality fabrics, but I do check Walmart and stock up if I find a good fabric at an inexpensive price.

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I have purchased from Hobby Lobby - mostly good, but as Teresa said, not Moda quality. Our HL staff is also very nice & knowledgeable. They do have good sales from time to time also.

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I used to love HL and would buy multiple yardage with their 40% off coupon and they had decent fabric. Unfortunately, they downsized by half in the department and started stocking cheapy stuff for the same price. I still find good quality from time to time and buy my warm and white batting there pretty much all the time. I also buy my notions there.


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I'm not current on Hobby Lobby as we don't have one close by, but at our last house there was one and I loved their fabrics. They had some beautiful ones from fabric lines that were advertised in quilt magazines. And there were some great mark downs at a back table. There was also another HL about 1/2 hr away and they did not have a good fabric dept. So I think it can vary from store to store.

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I buy a lot of notions there, and what litte fabric I have purchased there is better than all but the 'premium' or designer lines at JoAnnes. My problem is I have stood at their counter numerous times and never could get anyone to wait on me but once. Staffing issue. Definitely better than the Wally World stuff on my very, very rare trip in there when I need something in the middle of the night and no place else is open. (read computer crash at tax time for the business, lol)

So it looks like your mileage there can vary.

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I used to buy lots of fabric at Hobby Lobby and WalMart but the prices (for the quality) have gone way up at both places. Walmart has doubled some fabric prices from 3-4 years ago. Why would I spend $9.00 per yard at either of those stores when I can support a quilting store for the same price per yard?


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