vicky4x4August 6, 2011

Sorry ladies I have to take a break, I have run out of questions! If I have days I can think of one I'll post it.


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I have a question. Do you ever go back and read earlier posts on this site?
i was looking for one I had made and then I got reading other messages. And then remembering some good ideas, like a refresher course.

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Nannykins, Oh yes! I've even looked for those from years ago!!! It's amazing I even remember they were posted. lol


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I think everyone enjoys the Question of the Day & anyone with a question or thought should jump right in & ask - this is a great question Nanykins!

I look back all the time. I will pick a random day and see what was being discussed. When I was very new, I used the back postings for education-now I use it for looking for a specific topic or just to see what's on the last page.

I often wonder about the other posters who don't contribute anymore. Many had much to offer.

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When I first found this site a couple of years ago, that was how I got really interested in it, by reading the very early posts and recognizing that here was a group of friendly, interesting and interested quilters. A good place to be! An on-line quilt guild. Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement.

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Vicky, I very much appreciate your QOTD posts, but understand how you can feel tapped out at times. So it is up to the rest of us to pose a question now and then. I think the QOTD posts generate a lot of interest and sharing between our forum/guild members here.

Thanks to all! I'll try to do my part, but often my life is too hectic and harried to quietly contemplate "questions."


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I'll post one for Monday! I do go back and look at the gallery pics and search for older messages.
It was a very busy forum and I also think about some that have left, but I also think many of them still lurk. maybe someday they will come back.
I still love my forum friends!!!!

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I go back all the time ... it is really fun to see what was happening. I, too, wonder what has happened to some folks that aren't around anymore.


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