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karpetAugust 14, 2013

A couple years ago I learned of a simple personality test:
Squiggle Line
What are you/what appeals to you most?

It made me wonder if that applies to what quilt patterns you are drawn to the most. For awhile, I've been planning on making a Dresden Plate quilt for a family member, but realized that I think they prefer square/straight lines. I'm the one that likes curved! What do you think, does your personality type match what pattern of quilt you are drawn to?


This is the source I heard of the test from

Here is a link that might be useful: Connie Podesta personality test

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I guess I have to pick square but my favorite shape is the heart as it is both circle and half sq.

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I guess I would say the square, right angles suit me in quilting, but I do love curves as well...yet I've not master one in so far as quilting is concerned.

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Mostly squares and triangles. Circles and squiggles, not so much. :-)


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Hey, you can do the 'easy' Dresden Plate and it would satisfy their desire for straight lines. It's a snap to make as well. One of my earlier quilts and I worked 'squares' into it between the plates. Pardon the picture..........I just sneaked into the totally dark living room and pointed the camera in the general direction of the bench over which it was hanging.

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The test works for me. Definitely prefer squiggles in the shape world and the quilting world. The personality description comes pretty close too!

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Calliope, that's a very "unround" Dresden plate! LOL I like it very much.

I guess I'm a square with maybe slightly rounded corners. :) Though my quilts are mostly straight lines, with an occasional fling like a floral applique or something.


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I am definitely squares and triangles. I don't do anything round unless I can applique it. Nice post Karlene.

Best to you,

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I like to work with triangles and squares too but I'm a circle. I am in constant movement. If I'm sitting I'm still doing something. When I read the profile yes that's me.

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Definitely square for me. I need symmetry and straight lines and balance.

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