Voyager is dead

grammypAugust 17, 2013

I was merrily quilting along this morning, finished a row, tried to raise the presser foot, and nothing. Took it apart, everything moves but the cog that raises the shaft collar doesn't. It turns, but won't raise the collar. All the screws are tight and in place. Any advice?

Tim sent Nolting an e-mail to see about trading it in for one of theirs. We are both tired of having to nurse it along.

Sorry Jennifer. I'll try to get it fixed quickly.


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Aww...what an inconvenience it has been and how dedicated you have been to getting/keeping it up and running. (Translated: it has really been a PITB machine.)

May you have smooth sailing and get cooperation from the new Nolting!


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Oh nooooooo, I'm so sorry. How frustrating for you and for Tim. Bite the bullet and, with Tim's blessing, get another one. :-) I read a man's blog that said a long arm quilting machine is a power tool attached to a computer. He ended up being the quilter. It's those power tools!!!


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Ohhhhh Beverly ~ I "feel" your pain - literally - in my pocketbook. Today! I felt I had to buy a new machine - I was so disgusted over an issue with my machine - today I bought 2 - the only feasible way I could trade in was to trade up and get a smaller travel machine. I don't feel the happiness yet! It's only been a few hours, but I'm happy to have the 'problem' not staring at me anymore.
You and Tim have been more than patient and have tried to make 'lemonade', but at some point you may feel you have to cut your losses. I feel badly for you. I know the frustration you feel. I hope it is a simple fix, but darn - it! you shouldn't have these problems............did you try completely unplugging everything for 10 minutes and starting up again?

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Yup, I tried everything. Voyager is not computerized, but I tried anyway. I can see the cog attempt to raise the shaft collar, but it won't move. I can lift it easily with my finger, but they don't play well together. Almost like a piece is missing. Tim said he would look at it in the morning. I watched a video on how to adjust them and did everything they suggested but it just doesn't work. Maybe he can fix it. He is good at things like that.


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Awwwww, d---. I'm so sorry. You've had such trouble with this machine & support. Hopefully it can be worked out without a huge hassle...even if you do end up deciding to replace it. At least then you wouldn't feel rushed into making a decision on the next one.

We'll all send you good fix-it vibes today!

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Maybe you should let them know you belong to a large international group that is just waiting for the news so they don't make the same choices!

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Good idea Linda, I'll remind them of that.

Tim got the shaft collar working, so the shaft moves now. But the hopping foot doesn't raise. Tonight I will watch the video on installing the hopping foot and make sure I have it on right. We still want to trade it in, but it would be nice to get it working again. The closest Nolting dealer is near Augusta, GA. I could pack up the Voyager, drive to Augusta (5 hours) on Wed before the retreat, take care of business, then leave in time to get to the retreat early Thursday, following a quick stop at Mary Jo's (5 hours). We will see.


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