calverttxAugust 25, 2012

Good morning all. I have been quilting since the 80's but stopped for 7 years. Wow, there is so much new stuff and new ways of doing it that it makes my head spin.

Funny story. I made a Christmas Radical Rooster wall quilt. I needed many different fabrics and had enough left over to make a Christmas throw.Now it is time for the batting and I am DO NOT know what to buy for the machine quilting I plan to do. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you all for just being here when I need advice. You are a great group of ladies. Nancy

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I like Warm and Natural all cotton, but there are many others depending on how warm you want it to be, and other factors, such as how closely you want to quilt, etc. I usually ask at the quilt shop. They seem to know their stock well.

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Good idea, I had not given any thought to the closeness of the quilting. I guess I had better do my homework. Thank you so much.

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I used only 100% cotton for years but lately I've fallen for the 80/20 blends. Lightweight, a little bit fluffy but not too much, great for showing off your quilting, etc.

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I also use Warm and Natural but now tend to buy the Warm and White in case I do a white quilt. It covers all bases except for when I want black. I like the 80/20 and it washes well. I usually keep the quilting close like 20" apart.

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