Best feedback ? to ask agent after a showing

BelfastBoundAugust 3, 2014

A disadvantage of a FSBO is the lack of comaraderie and information exchange. I would like to thank everyone here who is helping shepherd me through this process.

I want to solicit feedback from an agent that will be actionable and not a one word reply or pass off. How does this sound or what would you ask?

In your opinion, what is one thing I could do to make my home attractive to your client?

Does that sound needy or negative?

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I wouldn't be too worried about a 'one word reply or pass off.' I usually waited a day or so and then called the realtor (or emailed the buyer if it was a non-represented one) and just asked for feedback. It was very productive and the agents seemed quite willing to chat about my home and what their clients thought. I chose email for the non-represented buyers as I felt it would make them feel less pressured. All but one emailed me back. Good luck!

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3pinktrees - Your post gave me what I needed. Thank you.

"I would be grateful if you could tell me what comments your client made about our house"

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...and how is the pricing?

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