Quilt made from baby sleepers-

MaeTJuly 22, 2012

Hi ladies. I posted previously about making a quilt from baby sleepers for my granddaughter and wanted advice about what to use on the back of the sleepers to stabilize since it is stretchy material. I'm on holiday now and want to purchase what I need before I leave to go home. Any advice from you ladies would be greatly appreciated.

I can't find my previous post from earlier this year.

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To stabilize t-shirt fabric for quilts, I use an iron-on interfacing. Its available at quilt shops or craft stores like Joanns. Not expensive. I think that would work for baby sleepers too.

Sounds like a great project!


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Iron on interfacing should work well and I would use a medium weight. Cut the interfacing slightly larger than you want your finished piece to be and make sure it stretches in the opposite direction of the sleeper before you iron it on.


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I use a light weight iron on interfacing when making T-shirt quilts. It is enough to stabilize without adding to much stiffness. I buy the bolt from Joann Fabric for around $10

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Thanks, they also showed me woven and non woven while I was at the fabric store. I had no idea which to buy. I have bought interfacing to make clothes but this is the first time that I have made quilts which require something to stablize the fabric.
I have been doing some research online as well but figured that I might get some advice from your experiences doing quilts as well.

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