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loisflanJuly 15, 2012

These are but a few of the Marimekko fabric scraps that I got from my good friend. As you might be able to tell, many of the scraps are from fabrics with very large patterns on them, and none of them has a full pattern - just sections of it. Does anyone have an idea of what I might do with these beautiful, bright bits and pieces? Thanks for your help. Lois

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Fabulous colors. They remind me of the colors of one of those animal prints from about 15 years ago. They had bright colored animals on a white background. These would make perfect frames for something like that. A friend made a quilt with higlety know, uneven frames in primary colors and I loved it.

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Those colors would make a great crazy quilt! If there is enough fabric left over after making the quilt blocks, maybe use 2.5" blocks all mixed up as the border? If you did that, you could also mix in some fabrics out of your scrap bag.
Have fun figuring it out!

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I laughed when I saw this. I have a Marimekko pile as well. But, I bought mine myself so gathered specific color families and have several ideas of what I plan to do. Mine are mostly reds, teal and purple. I have several full bolts but none of mine seem to match your samples so can't be much help.

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When I look at these, for some reason big light-air balloons or circus themes pop up in my mind. Definitely something for children.

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Because the fabrics are so contemporary, I would use a contemporary pattern. Probably columns or stepping stones, with white (W.O.W.) or a light gray or pale blue for the solid columns. How about columns of randomly sized pieces of your colorful fabric; shadow the column with a medium gray and use pale blue for the background?


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More pictures for inspiration. Don't be afraid to cut one one or some of the pieces up into small pieces.
I agree with Kate, these prints scream contemporary. Laying them out on a solid unifying background will help you and give you some direction.

These fabrics are very special!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ideas

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I stumbled across this site last week and enjoyed looking at their colorful quilts - follow some of the links too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilt market pt 3

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This is not an area the I am comfortable in but I like the offerings that Kate gave. I would like to see white used as a backgroud and a simple design. I think I would also look to find a smaller print to co-ordinate them, perhaps something with a dot. Not comfortable with all that bright yellow but perhaps if mixed thru it would work.

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Wow. Lots of ideas and patterns to choose from. I had a pile of kiddie prints that I had used to make pillowcases, not enough to do much with so this is what I came up with. I "rejigged' something I had seen online.

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Thank you, everyone, for your great ideas. I saw several quilts that I would love to make with these fabrics. I can't wait to get to them now. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have fabric for two quilts that I haven't started yet, plus the two that I'm working on before I can start the Marimekko quilt. But I've saved the photos, and I now have a direction. My thanks to all of you.

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nannykins...lucky kids. My favorite for children, primaries! Temps me to put to use some of those scraps I keep from previous projects.

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