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DLM2000July 28, 2014

I'm jumping the gun here and in avoidance mode in a big way - lots of other things I should be doing!

How do/have any of you packed jewelry for a move? I'm not even talking about whether you take it in your car or it's on the truck, but the specifics of how you pack it. I have a number of necklaces that currently hang on small hooks on a cabinet door. Some are metal chains, other beaded strands, but they hang untangled. How do you pack those?

And if you have any tips on the other types of items - rings, bracelets etc, I'd love to know. Right now I have them in a drawer just lying on felt. I don't really want to go buy little boxes for everything.

Not only have I not moved in 24 years, the last move was 4 blocks away and we had a month to do it piece by piece. I have absolutely no experience with anything that resembles true packing and moving.

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

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For smaller chains,I think I would purchase a package of drinking straws. Slit the straw if necessary to insert the necklace inside the straw and tape it back up. For larger chains, I would use paper towel cardboard rolls, or even TP cardboard, and do something similar. I would definitely cut the rolls vertically and then tape the roll around the chain.

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I put ALL the 'good bits' in a trifold jewelry container and secured in locked glove compartment of MY locked car. The trifold was locked in the compartment one week before cRaZy started.

The jewelry BOX was placed in the trunk of my car a few days in advance of the move. For long multi-strand chains, used a large jewelry cardboard box and wrapped each chain, lengthwise, around the inner cotton liner. Used rubber bands to ensure the box didn't open. Long beaded necklaces just went in the jewelry box. Rrahs offered good ideas.

Side topic: encourage you to add at least 2 days (post move) to your utility transfer dates. S__T happens! And, the IL Tollway continues to advise that our transponder balance is low, after online and written notice of move. Enjoy the ride.

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In individual, jewelry size zip lock bags. That way the necklaces do not tangle.

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CA Kate

After packing jewelry - good and faux - for trips, I've found that putting each strand separately in small ziplock bags with the air sucked out - so they don't move - works best... as suggested by dekeoboe. I do the same with each piece of jewelry, only I wrap each ring or pair of earrings in tissue and then put several in one bag. All then can be put in a larger ziplock or other container.

As to the move: cars can also be stolen, wrecked, or broken into, so I'm a bit leery about storing anything of value in a vehicle. Do you have a bank box, good friend or relative where you can safely leave your 'package' ?

One suggestion I have from past experience: don't bring out the goods until you are safely in your new home alone. I once made the mistake about fussing over one suitcase too much and others got too curious.

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Thank you for the great suggestions. I think the various sizes of zip loc bags and tissue paper sounds like the most efficient way to do this. We're probably having our vehicles transported so storing in them is not an option and of course nothing like that will be on the moving truck either. So it will be with me in an overnight bag, I guess. But we're still hammering out all the logistics so things can and probably will change a few more times!

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I thought I was the only one doing the tissue in snack and sandwich bags - and they all went into freezer bags which is now in a sealed box. Cheap, easy and quick. I did this in anticipation of showing the house, but it will stay there until I move.

billygoatjoe, I'm assuming you returned your transponder, right? I wonder what the heck is wrong with their system here!

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We pre-move the "good stuff" to a safety deposit box near the new house weeks before the move. In our case, we have already done that using a plastic shop bag. Most of our things are in separate travel jewelry boxes, which can be found at Tuesday Morning's or Marshall's for a song. We load up a inconspicuous shop bag, and it looks like we've been birthday shopping.
I will empty out all the jewelry boxes here at the house, and pack the rest of anthing I have here in zip-locs, and stuff them in empty Pringles containers. They will travel in my reusable grocery bags to the pantry, where they draw no attention at all.
You didn't ask, but moving firearms also requires some forethought. Mine will be moved in their cases (empty) in the fine china boxes between layers of bubble wrap and the plates. No guy is going to want to mess with your china. They might break it, but they couldn't care less what's in the box.

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I packed everything in ziplocks. Chains wrapped in tissue (really tissues). Nothing tangled.

Took my jewelry with me in the car.


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I do appreciate all your suggestions and experiences - it's odd to be such a novice in this area at this stage of my life!

The logistics of our move have morphed and changed so many times I am doing a version of the "If it's Tuesday it, it must be Belgium" with moving options. If it's Monday it must be Mayflower and we'll drive our vehicles, if it's Tuesday it must be Penske and we will transport our vehicles, if it's Wednesday it must be ABF and we'll sell the vehicles and fly!!! Everyday is a different plan. For 2 mature, rational thinking adults, we are really flying by the seat of our pants - more appropriate for 20somethings!. We have an unusual move - a 4 br house and we are taking something more like a 1 br apartment, but a basement, large storage shed and garage with my husband's construction and remodeling equip., power tools AND his gym equip. Moving by weight is not an option!

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"One suggestion I have from past experience: don't bring out the goods until you are safely in your new home alone. I once made the mistake about fussing over one suitcase too much and others got too curious."

Same thing if you are selling a house. Lock up your jewelry! I looked at a house owned by an older couple. The jewelry box was sitting out open on a dresser. I mentioned it to the realtor. She didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I wondered if she would care if it were her stuff....

When I moved I packed my jewelry in zip loc bags and put them into a stuffed toy.

I don't use safe deposit boxes anymore. I had stuff stolen from them years ago. Safe deposit boxes aren't insured and bank personnel can and WILL go into them. It is your word against theirs. Only item left was a car title. Something that couldn't be easily fenced... Everything else was gone. I think it is bound to get worse as the economy and city coffers continue to suffer. FYI.

A link that might be useful:

Not-So-Safe-Deposit Boxes: States Seize Citizens' Property to Balance Their Budgets
By Elisabeth Leamy-ABC-May 12, 2008

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I'm a bit ashamed to admit, after reading how carefully the rest of you pack your jewelery, that all I've ever done is stuff tissue paper into my jewelery boxes to keep things in place and to keep it all from rattling.

Then I pack the jewelery boxes in a box with a wicker shelf and a (clean) wastebasket from the bathroom, and label the box "bathroom plunger and bathroom misc." (misc. for miscellaneous). The plunger is *not* packed in that box, for the record.

No one ever seems interested in that box.

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