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linnea56November 1, 2008

Growing up my Mom used to make a dish in the pressure cooker she called "Pigs in the Blanket". Her whole family made this dish. We are Scandinavian if that helps. But if you search online for this dish the only things that turn up are completely different (like hot dogs rolled in biscuit dough, ughhh!). I wonder if this was a regional thing that some people still make, or if it has a different name. I have tried to make it but something is missing and it is not as savory and rich as hers was.

It was thin sliced round steak, cut into long strips about 1 ½ to 2 inches wide. On one end you would put a square of bacon and a sprinkle of dried onions. Then the strip would be rolled up, fastened with toothpicks, and browned in the pressure cooker. It was always my job to do the prep and rolling so that part I remember really well: I must have left the kitchen after that point. Then the lid was put on and it was cooked under pressure. She must have added some liquid but I donÂt know how much.

She made a really nice gravy with it; that must have been done after the meat was cooked, because if you add flour under pressure it makes a mess or glues the lid down (tried that!). It was always served with mashed potatoes to take advantage of the wonderful gravy.

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Sounds like rouladen or beef rolls filled with bacon, chopped onion, and sometimes dill pickles, roll up, brown in the pressure cooker then add beef broth/water in the amount called for in your cooker, put the lid on, bring up to 15# pressure and cook for 10-15 minutes. Then I would take off the lid and add in a slurry of broth/water and some flour to make the gravy. Taste before seasoning with salt and pepper.

Here is a link to the German Deli website. Their recipe cooks them under pressure for 20 minutes, which I think might be too long for slices of round steak.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rouladen in a Pressure Cooker

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