Are you quilting this weekend? July1-5

lindaoh_gwJuly 1, 2011

We will have a long weekend this week. Will you be at your sewing machine? I probably won't do much if any sewing. My kids are coming home, my DS & DDIL today and DD and DSIL tomorrow. Oh, and I can't forget my grand-dog too.I'm not sure how long they plan to stay.

Have a happy holiday and safe travels.

Happy quilting!

Linda OH

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We have a busy weekend but it MUST include sewing!

DH is off until Thursday, so he's planning on taking down some trees. I may end up helping with that, between taking care of 3 kids + baby.

I also have a friend & her 2 kids visiting Sat. afternoon, DH & I are going to a dinner theater with friends Sat. night. We'll try to find fireworks somewhere for the kids Sun or Mon. And another friend from NC may come at some point for some amount of time (he's never real clear!)

But the biggy is that I need a baby quilt finished for a shower next Saturday! It's the first great-grand for my MIL, so I figured I better. Have the fabrics all picked out, now need to cut for the I Spy/Disappearing 9-patch. It'll get done...I'm some point!

happy weekend everyone!

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Probably not in front of the sewing machine, but I might be working on a project for a fundraiser where I volunteer. I am prepping some plywood to ready it for painting barn quilts. I live in a rural area with lots of horse barns, and I volunteer for an organization that has an equine therapy program. We're hoping a few of these might be sold or auctioned for fund-raising for the program. I will do the prep-work and drafting and then take it to the center and hopefully recruit some of the clients to do the painting.

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Sounds like a busy weekend. We are taking it easy this year. The first 4th in at least 10 years where we haven't been "entertaining", overnight company...viewing fireworks by boat... working my butt, feeding, etc. This year I said NO - early! People are not happy with me, including my DH.
That said - yup - I am going to sew and hopefully quilt my Jar Quilt, as I want to give it in 2 weeks as a surprise.
I'm trying to feel "Quilty instead of Guilty" :-)

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I may get some machine sewing in tonight and tomorrow morning, but tomorrow noonish we are heading over to St. Pete for an overnight trip. We're planning a nice dinner tomorrow night then the baseball game on Sunday (Tampa Bay Rays). I'm going to take a hand applique project to work on in the car.

I'm off all next week, so I'm planning some heavy-duty sewing then! :)


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Oh, yes!!!! My sewing machine has forgiven me for not being attentive for almost 3 months, so we'll be having more bonding time. @:)

maygo....I'm proud of you for saying NO ... those who aren't happy about it can be the host for the next 10 years! You are just being good to yourself and doing what you want to do.


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I have so many ufo's I'd like to tackle, not sure where to start--I have a purse cut out that I should finish. It won't be easy though, because somehow between choosing the fabric at the store and getting it home and cutting it out, I've fallen out of love with it and am having a hard time getting motivated to complete the project. (Has that ever happened to any of you?) I have a quilt that I need to do a quick bind on (binding from the back). And I'd also like to go to JoAnn's and take advantage of the holiday weekend sale and pick up some backing fabric and batting so I can prepare a couple of my quilt tops for machine quilting.
I doubt I'll get to everything, but hopefully something.
Other than that, as for Monday--nothing fancy, just roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in the back yard with the hubby and daughter.
Hey--good for you Maygo--And a very appropriate time for DH and friends to show a little Independence this year and fend for themselves!

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Nope, family and the garden will take up all of my time.

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I am working on a baby quilt for a show next Sunday (10th). I have it sandwiched and started the quilting this morning. We are hosting dinner get-together with old neighbors back in town from Kentucky. Looking forward to spending time with friends. DH wants me to organize 4th get-together ... not happening here either! Seems like we have hosted some dinner thing 5 times in the last 2 weeks - I am ready for a break! Will probably go to our city park for fireworks. There won't be any sewing going on here starting the 10th - friends from Iowa coming for a week!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!

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I will not be near my sewing machine, but I'll bring my hand piecing project with me.

Thank you to all of you who encouraged me to start a hand project, it really is nice to have something to bring wherever I go.

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I don't think I'll be doing machine quilting but may work on the hand applique a bit. Kind of depends on dh this time: if he brings computer work home that he has to finish, then I'll disappear to the sewing room for a while!

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I have 'little' sewing things that I can do, nothing that takes any thinking time. The machne is set up and the simple sewing projects are lined up. (such as sewing 2x2 left over squares together) This will be done mostly in the evening. The yard work needs my attention the most this weekend.

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So far, all I've done is iron charm squares into prairie points. Is it time for BBQ yet?

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I'm hosting grandchildren and another group coming tonight so sewing is out. But, have my Hawaiian quilt applique next to my chair and I'm "thinking quilt" as I plan how to get to the ironing board and cutting table without waking anyone up. May get a test block made this weekend but that's about all I see happening till next week.

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I sure hope so....I'm working tomorrow but hope to be at the sewing machine on Tuesday. Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

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I'm working on ironing little fabric swatches from a shirt manufacturer that came from the late 50's and early 60's. I finished the first batch that were in a box labeled "Spring '58" and am working on the box that was "Spring '63". I washed them all since they were in little binders that had mold on them. I got both boxes at a rummage sale for $1. As I sit here and iron, I keep saying to myself - I must be crazy!

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My grandmother's birthday is July 1st and we always have her party around the 4th. This year DH has to be home to work on the 4th, so no sewing for the weekend proper, but today I get all the time I want.


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The kids came for the weekend and we had a wonderful time together on Sat. and Sun. They left last night and today I pinned a quilt on the frame and now am going out to the pool for a swim with DH.
Happy quilting everyone!
Linda OH

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Well, I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

I've been making progress on the baby quilt. Sat. I got all the I Spy squares and alternating squares cut for a disppearing 9-patch. Sunday I got them all sewn into 9-patches. Today I was able to get them all cut into 4-patches, resewn, and at this point I have the entire top awaiting borders!!!

If I have time tomorrow during tree-cutting activities, I'll attempt to get a border or 2 put on it. I may have to piece the backing together as well. My goal is to get it on the quilt frame by Wed. evening. Quilt it by Thursday, and binding by Friday. That will leave me Saturday morning to wash/dry & wrap it up before leaving at noon for the party! Plenty of time...don't ya think???

Heading out now to the amusement park with the kids for fun & fireworks!! Be safe everyone!

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Wow, Jen! I would say you've had a very productive and fun weekend!

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I finished the baby quilt - binding all sewn & threads clipped. Just need to make the label! The window cleaner comes in the morning so I spent a while cleaning up my sewing room so he can get to the window! I hope everyone had a safe and happy US birthday celebration!

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